Using Technology to Improve Student Writing Skills

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to imagine our life without technology. It’s used in merely every sphere of human activity because it provides multiple benefits. It makes all the operations and processes run faster, smoother, more effectively, and productively. The education sector likewise reaps multiple benefits of the symbiosis with technology. Students resolve their tasks faster and more precisely. They learn beyond the standard curriculum and rapidly develop various skills. Undoubtedly, the development of writing skills is among the prerogatives. However, people wonder whether it’s possible to develop them via technology.

“Technology can sufficiently boost writing skills in students if it is applied correctly”. Therefore, we’ll highlight it here below.

Encouragement to Learn

First of all, technology can engage students to learn more actively. According to Rab Paterson, director of the Asia Association for Global Studies, the implementation of free online tools similar to Google Docs encourages teens to learn more diligently. They are fond of smart tools and programs, which promote their creativity. Their possibilities increase for many a time and it’s very important for the young minds. Thus, youngsters search for various applications that boost writing skills as well.

Essentials Ways to Boost Writing Skills in Students

Applying technical devices and apps correctly, students can improve any skills. Writing skills are no exception and there are several ways to boost them. We’d like to briefly describe them.

Enhancement of Grammar

Students can brush up their grammar, as well as punctuation, spelling, word choice, and so on. They should only find and use a good grammar checker. It’ll quickly scan the text, provide the errors, and offer the corrections. Using such a checker, students will be aware of the errors they never thought they make. They’ll automatically remember the most typical ones.

Avoidance of Plagiarism

Some students don’t know how to check plagiarism. They may use various clichés, stereotypes, and frequently used key combinations and phrases that plagiarize other authors. Intelligent plagiarism checkers detect such matches and so, students can rework those parts.

Advanced Vocabulary

Writing is strongly dependent on the lexicon. The more vivid it is the better impression you’ll create. Students can access various free online vocabularies and expand their lexicon to make their texts more creative and captivating.

Correct Citing and Referencing

Every scientific project is supposed to use the works of other authors. All of them must be mentioned in the reference list. Besides, some are quoted. Students may be assigned different writing formats with some slight differences. If you don’t want to mess up the demands and spend too much precious time, special citations and reference generators will fulfill these tasks instead of you.

Improvement of Revision Skills

It’s vital to revise every text you write to avoid mistakes. Thus, multiple editors and proofreaders help to revise your writing quickly and unmistakably. These apps are combined with plagiarism checkers because they spot your writing mistakes.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

Finally, students learn more with the help of technology. They access online information sources and use checkers with smart prompts. Consequently, their critical thinking gets enhanced too. They know much more than the generations without technical support if they apply apps correctly and wisely. Students teach how to avoid mistakes and craft papers of the highest quality.

Types of Useful Learning Applications

There are many learning apps, which can be used to boost writing skills. Each has its own goals and benefits. Therefore, the best ones should be reviewed.

Apps The Main Purpose Benefits
Grammarly Quetext
Teaching Fundamentals
This category includes grammar, plagiarism and spell checkers, editors, and dictionaries. They show your mistakes and the right variants. You can enhance your editing skills, avoid plagiarism, and enlarge the lexicon.
Making Correct Citations and References This category of apps teaches how to insert correct citations and reference lists without mistakes. Commonly, you only should mention the style, the citation, and its author. The rest will be settled by the program.
Criterion Online Writing Evaluation
Fulfilling the Function of a Tutor Various applications serve as online tutors, which provide instant feedback on your writing. Thus, you’ll be aware of all the mistakes and how to overcome them. Moreover, such apps will control your time and optimize the writing process.
Odyssey Writer
My Access!
Inspiring to Write If you lack inspiration, you should select one of the motivating tools. They control your time, schedule the working day, offer smart tips on writing, and encourage you to write.
Google Docs
Maintaining Collaboration Thanks to various apps, you can improve writing and collaborative skills. They help to craft outlines, set reminders and deadlines, take instant notes, make online and offline changes, share information with other students, etc.
The Graide Network
Assessing Students The last category of apps is useful for teachers. Using special rubrics and gathering feedback, they understand the current level of their students. Everything is kept in one place and it’s much easier and faster to draw the right conclusions.

Memorize the benefits of the implementation of technology in the learning process. If you use different apps, devices, programs, and the Internet correctly, your potential multiplies by many a time. You receive great chances to hugely improve your writing skills.

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