How to Know Who Called Me – Free Online Method

Knowing the details of an unknown number is much needed if you are continuously receiving calls from a particular number. Yes, it can happen to all of us and might have occurred in some time too. For example, on our mobile number, we used to receive calls from a person whose number is already saved in our contact, but at the same time, we might receive calls from an unknown number also.

It is pretty normal, and there is no problem with that. But think of the situation where we receive continuous missed calls from unknown numbers or getting calls, and the person does not reveal the identity. In that case, it can cause some issues, and we even feel frustrated. So here we are looking, what are the possible way to find who called us on the number.

How to Know Who Called Me?

There are few effective ways to find any unknown caller or number that you receive calls from. Therefore, we will list them one by one.

1. TrueCaller

There is no introduction needed for the TrueCaller. TrueCaller is one of the largely used caller identification services. The phone number base of TrueCaller is vast, and thus, we can find almost all the numbers using TrueCaller. If you are using the TrueCaller app on your mobile, it is easy to find the name and related details of any number you wish. The application will automatically show the caller’s name for all the unknown numbers in your call log. Additionally, you can manually search any number by entering the number in the search box.

But, it is also to be noted that, to respect privacy, TrueCaller itself offers an option to unlist a number from the TrueCaller database. So if a number is already unlisted, that won’t be available in the TrueCaller. In that case, the details related to that number will be unavailable.

2. Google Phone

Google Phone is now offering spam filter and caller Id features like the TrueCaller. So, as we saw in the TrueCaller, the Google Phone app also provides the caller id option for all the incoming and the number listed in the call logs. But with Google Phone, you won’t be able to search any number manually. However, for those numbers already available in the Google Caller id system, you will get more accurate data when compared with TrueCaller.

3. Google Web Search

To some extent, you can search over the web with the desired number. If the details were publically available, you could find the name and other details of the number over the web. While your Google search, If the number is suspicious or spammy, most probably you might get results because some other users might have already reported the same before. Additionally, use other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Is Reverse Phone Number Look Up Works?

Some users are reporting that we can find the details of the number using the reverse phone number lookup. But we don’ think that might be an effective way to find the details of the number. You might get details of some number if you are lucky.


While concluding the list, if you ask us how to find who called me?, we highly recommend TrueCaller, to find any unknown number. Moreover, since it is free, you don’t have to pay a single dollar for your search or lookup any phone number. One more thing is that TrueCaller is not only giving the caller id feature, you can use the same application to block any number or a list of unwanted numbers too.

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