If you have a question, what is a restricted call means? We are here to look at that in a bit of detail. We found the same questions asked by the users over the internet about the restricted call, including what is a restricted call, how to make a call in restricted mode, etc. So, let’s see them one by one.

What is a Restricted Phone Call?

The restricted call can be alternatively called a Private Call. Due to privacy issues, some users, especially high-profile users, don’t wish to share their phone numbers with others or strangers. In this case, they use their phone number’s privacy or restricted option. If a person makes a call in restricted mode or keeps the number private, the receiving person can’t see the number or the name.

In short, if you receive a restricted call, you won’t be able to see the number of the person. In that place, you can only see some pre-defined texts like Unknown Number, Private Call, Restricted Call, etc. Although, as we said, the restricted call is used for privacy and hence to hide the real number from strangers, at the same time, it is too annoying for the receiver to pick up a phone from a Restricted Number or a Private Number. If you are looking for how to make a private call, we will make a detailed artcile on that later.

What is the Use of Restricted Calls?

As mentioned before, restricted calls are made for privacy so that users can hide their phone number from the caller id of the recipient’s mobile phone. However, making one-time calls to someone you don’t know can be helpful. For example, if you ordered something online and, by any chance, you have to call the delivery person, the restricted call option can help you to make the call anonymously.

It can help in getting the jobs done and, at the same time, keep the number private and safeguard privacy. Since the restricted call option hides the number, the caller id application on your device won’t show the name as well.

How to Call Restricted Number / Private Number?

Now the next question is how to call restricted. You can make a restricted or private call by adding *67 before the number you dial. So, for example, if you wish to call a number (333) 333-3333, you can dial *67(333) 333-3333. The calls connect to the number, and the recipient won’t see the number. It can always be used while making the call by dialing the number.

On the other hand, Android and iOS devices can hide the caller id while making the call under the phone settings. If you set the option to Hide the Caller id, all the calls from your device will be sent as restricted or private calls.

Even though the feature is available on the smartphone by default, many operators have disabled it on their networks. As a result, if you set the caller ID option to hidden or dial the number using *67, it won’t work. The network will not hide your phone number; the received person can see your number.

Why is the Restricted Call Option Not Working on the Network?

Due to security concerns, most operators block the restricted call options. If everyone tries to set this option for all the calls, no one can identify the caller, which can cause another severe threat and result in a massive number of spam calls. That is why the option is not working while activating the caller id hidden option.

How to Block Restricted Calls?

You may get annoyed if you get many private or unknown numbers on your phone. In that case, you can use any call blocking application like Truecaller or any other free application to block all the spam and unknown numbers automatically.

How to Call from a Private Number

If you received a private call and are looking for the answer to how to call from a private number, then the answer is No. You cannot directly call back to any private calls. Since the phone numbers are hidden for private calls, you won’t be able to make any private call. So we can say that it is not easy to call back to a private number or a restricted number unless you know the real private number.