Anyone with the system access will have the knowledge of handling chrome and its usage. Most people prefer to use the same for the convenience it provides.

Remote access in the same could be a great addon and this article discusses the basics and other details of Chrome Remote Desktop. The reader can find out the installation process and add it as an extension for efficient usage.

Chrome Remote Desktop

As for Chrome Remote Desktop, it is a free access tool that might seem just like any other remote access solution, if you have used any. This will help you access other systems over the internet as if you are working right in front of it.

Now, most people could be aware of solutions like TeamViewer and this one is an efficient version of all services provided by similar solutions. The keyboard and mouse are all you need for the input control of the remote PC.

Sharing The Screen – Benefits, and Uses

Sharing the Windows screen usually has a lot of benefits and this is mostly preferred by many of the organizations as of now which is why using these free tools to share screens and get to remote access to another computer could be helpful to you as a professional.

When it comes to the Chrome Remote Desktop, making use of the application that are specific to a platform on a different computer could be helpful. Also, the user should be able to check in on a computer some any part of the world and the portal must be offering Tech Support for all the users.

Taking these requirements into a note, Chrome Remote Desktop works very well on any operating system and it is not mandatory for the user to have Google Chrome to use this service. The application is very much functional in Firefox as well and in fact, Google recommends the same for best results. However, using Chrome is always preferable.

The user can remotely access and take control of a desktop within any Apple or Android device. The below given is a detailed overview of the installation of Chrome Remote Desktop on any given platform to ensure the user understands how to make the best use of it.

Installation of Chrome Remote Desktop

A gentle reminder to the user before the installation procedure is discussed is that it is mandatory to have a Google account before proceeding with the setup.

Starting the process with Google Chrome should be common and then the user must head to the Chrome Remote Desktop web hub and use the Google account to sign in.

You have arrived at the Chrome Remote Desktop homepage and now you will be finding to headers that says remote access and remote support. You have to know that remote access is for you to control your own computer from any part of the world without physically having it while remote support is about controlling someone else’s personal computer or let someone else control yours and this can happen by generating a one-time password.

Chrome Remote Desktop will require you to install an application to make sure you have the remote support or be able to access your computer from any part of the world and we would just assume that you would like to access your computer remotely.

How To Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop

This would require some configuration to be done before being able to use this on the computer and it would be just a onetime setup and once you have performed it then you will be able to use it without any sort of configuration further.

You have to open the chrome browser and move to the Chrome Remote Desktop website and make sure you have already signed in. You should now see an option that says set up remote access and you have to find and click it right on the Blue button to start the setup process.

You will be redirected to the Chrome web store and once you reach there you have to click on the button that States add to Chrome to install the extension within your browser. Now, click on the “add extension” if you receive a prompt. It will further be added to your browser.

Now, if you have added their extension to your browser then you can easily access any other device remotely at any point in time.

Allow Access To A Different Person

If you are looking for some technical assistance and would like to have someone else remotely manage your personal computer then it is easy to use Chrome Remote Desktop to have people connect with your machine.

This is when you will be needing a one time password to provide access to the remote user who is trying to access your computer.

Open a new tab in your Chrome and go to the Chrome Remote Desktop website and you will find two different tabs that States remote support to give or get remote assistance. The upper part will help you get remote assistance from other users and in order to come up with the code, you have to click on the generate code button.

The code will be displayed on your screen and you will have to share it with the person who is currently trying to manage your computer.

You have to be careful about sharing the code considering the fact that it automatically expires within the next five minutes after which a new code will be generated. If you share the previous code after 5 minutes, the other user will not be able to authenticate their access to your computer. If you have completed your tasks and you would like to cancel the remote assistance procedure then you have to click on the cancel option.

Remotely Access a Computer With Chrome Remote Desktop

Now, if you would like to access someone else’s computer remotely, you will have to do the above-discussed procedure the other way around by entering the password that has been generated on their computer. On the other hand, you have to click the give support option in the remote desktop tool.

If you would like to access any computer you have to make sure that the other computer has someone to allow access with the help of a code.


You have to understand that you might receive from before you start sharing your screen and only after clicking on the share will you be actually sharing the screen with another person. You can easily move your cursor and perform any task you would need on the remote computer once the connection has been established.

Remember to cancel the connection once you have completed your tasks. Taking into account the ease of use, it is preferable that you use Chrome Remote Desktop to get the task done is here with minimal resources to operate on any system.

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