Are you looking for a simple and easy-to-use yet efficient video editing tool? Well, your search should end with CapCut.

This tool is the most sought editor for people looking to post eye-captivating videos with incredible effects on TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

It offers many features that enhance its utility and functionality, allowing users to add exciting effects to their videos. You can transform your ordinary video into an interesting cinematic one with only a few taps.

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The Possibilities

Many people capture videos on different occasions, from simple home celebrations to attending a rock concert, and post them on social media channels or YouTube. However, all of them seldom receive appreciation. It is all due to their low quality and lack of exciting effects.

Using CapCut will increase the available options and possibilities to be more creative. So you can put in all your imagination and make your video more enjoyable, which is hard-to-not-watch-fully.

You can add special effects to your videos in just a few moments by using some of the best features available in the tool.

You do not have to be a pro or have extensive knowledge of complex software to use this video editing tool. Instead, simply follow the easy-to-understand interface and be as creative as possible.

The possibilities with this video editing tool are endless. Simply put, your creations will surprise you.

Start a New Journey

Jump off the beaten path and be more professional editing your videos by starting a new journey with this efficient tool.

Video editing is not cliché anymore. It is not a forte of that handful of professionals who make others feel like it is a complex subject with a high threshold.

No matter how complex a video editing process seems, this free video editor online tool will simplify everything for you. With little or no professional skills, you can create some of the best videos on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Now that CapCut is here with it, you can set off to a new start.


Benefits and Detriments

This tool is fantastic, no doubt, providing many user benefits. But, just like any other, it also has its characteristic detriments, though the benefits surpass its downsides. So, to start your journey with it, first, you must know its pros and cons.


  • Straightforward and easy interface to understand and use
  • Intuitive interface
  • A vast collection of templates is available
  • A large number of copyrighted songs to select from and add to the video
  • Simple to export
  • Trending and exciting effects
  • A lot of filters to use
  • Easy transitions
  • Available in different languages


  • Additional track number is comparatively limited
  • It does not offer adequate color grading options or tools
  • The consistency of clips is not flexible at all levels
  • Accuracy in body effects, background removal, and other features is low
  • It does not support frame rates of more than 60 fps
  • Landscape mode is not usable on pads and smartphones
  • As you can see, the insufficiencies of the tool are not a deal breaker, and it should not make you depressed thinking that your plan to become a professional video editor will not materialize.
  • Look at the flipside; you will see much to look forward to.

Features and Functions

You can explore the unexplored charts of video editing with CapCut due to its unique features and functions. These include:

  • Adding text to videos
  • B-roll or multiple overlays insertion
  • Editing audio
  • Including special effects and lots more.

This easy-to-use video editor offers almost all the tools and features you need to edit a video. And most importantly, all these features and tools are available very quickly. All you have to do is look for their location on its clean, easy-to-understand interface.

When you use these features, you can combine or split different clips on your video according to your wish. You may also change the entire format of the video clip.

In addition, you can add canvas and overlays and even alter the speed of video playback or reverse the clip altogether.

All these may seem complicated, but not when you use CapCut. With just a few clicks, you can do all these things and more right on the magnetic timeline.


Additional Utility

In addition to the above features, the utility of this video editor is further enhanced by the additional features included in the latest version of it.

One such helpful inclusion of additional features is the speed curve. This feature will allow you to include a ramp to your videos to make the transitions smoother.

You will also find a handy and practical feature in this editing tool – overlay. This feature may be very interesting, if not surprising, to most beginners.

This specific feature allows you to include supplementary clips on the primary video footage. You can scale up or down the clips you want to add to the footage by clicking on the Zoom option on the interface. You can trim it down as you do for the principal clip.

Some other valuable features concerning overlay that are also quite good to use for including additional effects to your video are:

  • Green screen
  • Adding background

Adding Text is Easy

You can make your video more informative and easier to understand for the viewers by adding text at appropriate places and making it more captivating to the eyes. This means that adding text to your video will significantly impact the eyes and minds of the viewers.

Are you wondering how that is possible for you with little professional video editing knowledge?

Well, you need not worry because the CapCut video editing solution will guide you through its creative methods of text processing. And most importantly, you can do it all with just a few clicks!

When you add text, just ensure the captions are useful, if not stunning. It will have a significant effect.

Now you may ask how you can fit in and use these tools to create a pattern you want quickly. Well, the simple answer to your query is using the creative preset templates available with this video background remover and resizer.

These particular templates make text editing and inclusion very easy. You will not need to use a large number of tabs for the process and lose your way with such elaboration and necessities.

You can use these templates to change the style of the text and alter the font size. Want to make it more enjoyable? Try adding multiple bubbles.
Once again, the possibilities are endless, and the entire process is very simple and more efficient. In addition, you can do it just like a pro.

The best part is that you do not need to add text manually anymore, which is quite tedious. Instead, you can automate it now using this tool.

Yes, you can combine the Voiceover feature available in the Audio Editing segment and the Auto Captions tool.

When you click on Auto Captions, these tools will create a new layer for a caption you want to add to a section of your video. The rest of it is done automatically. It includes:

  • Generating all applicable captions and
  • Splitting them up into respective graphic layers as applicable.

The tool will do everything according to the precise time code so that it matches the words of the speaker and there are no lags or mismatches.
If you do not like a caption, you can delete it or move it. You can even split it and create an entirely new caption from the existing one.

You may think at this point that adding captions to different parts of your video one at a time is pretty cumbersome and time-consuming. Well, CapCut online video maker will even simplify it further for you by allowing editing several captions instead of each one every time.

For this, you will need to use the Batch Edit feature. This feature will allow reviewing all the captions in a single scrolling box.

That is not all. In addition to a one-off review of all the captions, you can even systemize them together. Simply select a particular style, check it in the preview, decide whether or not you want to change it for all, and then apply it.


With this online video-making solution’s practical and time-saving features, even a beginner can become a professional video editor. So, if you are still looking for an efficient video editing tool, end your search with CapCut.

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