Video Merger – Combine Video Clips for Your Marketing Campaign

When editing media files, users often need to combine videos from several fragments into a single series for uninterrupted movie playback. With this platform and online application, such work can be done in the shortest possible time and without any effort, as the interface of the program is simple, and the result exceeds all expectations, even of professionals.

About Video Merger platform

The platform is free; users can work with it online without downloading installation files and filling up their PC’s memory. The software is designed to combine videos for editing, adjusting, and merging video fragments into a single file. The platform has the following basic functions:

  • Uploading files to the system server.
  • Correction and cutting of video files into fragments.
  • Making each piece a professional level.
  • Combining all fragments into one complete video file for playback.
  • Converting the result to the most popular formats with the extension required by the user.
  • Saving the file to the PC memory or a flash drive or sending it to the addressee in the messenger by e-mail address.

The platform is suitable for both beginners and professionals; it is easily mastered by each user and does not require special knowledge during its operation.

How is combining video files in the editor?

When operating the platform, each user can easily merge different video files by following a few steps:

1: First, the customer needs to go to the platform’s official website and upload the video of interest, or several of its fragments, to their internal server. This happens gradually and sequentially; immediately after downloading one file, an electronic key appears with the ability to add a new video for later merging.

2. Each video opens as a frame-by-frame playback of the file with a timeline at the bottom. The user will only need to cut off unnecessary fragments, and each of them will be placed in a separate window for easy merging.

3. All fragments selected in sequential order are combined into a common file using the corresponding key.

4. When the merging is completed, an empty frame may appear where the two fragments are glued together, displayed on the screen as a strip. To eliminate this problem, the users need to use the scissors tool and adjust each glued frame with a simple trim.

5. Upon completing editing and merging, the customer needs to convert it to the desired format when the file is completely satisfied by the user after checking its playback. The platform allows him to save the file in the classic MP4 extension or specialized formats for various mobile devices with different operating systems.

6. After conversion, the file should be saved to the internal memory of a PC, mobile device, or external or cloud media to play it if necessary or send it to an interested recipient.

7. Of course, editing a video file is done for a reason, and the user posts it on Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok, or other popular media platforms. The program allows you to adjust this video file automatically to the desired size, extension, or format so that the system on which it will be uploaded does not ban it.

With the help of this program, the visitor can prepare good content for social networks, please loved ones with video greetings by e-mail, or complete a large order for commercial purposes for a customer, which is especially important for professional freelancers.

What are the advantages of the platform?

When the users of this platform contact the technical support service, they often ask why they should choose this platform exactly and its advantages. The operator of the call center always points out and justifies the advantages over most competitors, such as:

1. This is a certified platform, and each file remains the strictly confidential intellectual property of the client. Because of these security guarantees, the website fully complies with the most stringent requirements for protection against hacking and theft of user information in the countries of America and Europe.

2. The platform developers have extensive experience working and creating similar applications, taking into account the average user’s qualifications, habits, and average PC skills. In this regard, each can quickly become a professional video editor without additional training.

3. The software servers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and data storage. No home PC can guarantee such a high media processing speed. The program works 100% online and does not require much space on your hard drive, as it is not installed on a home computer.

4. The basic program version is free, and the user does not experience any problems processing their videos. However, the service doesn’t offer customers to immediately subscribe to a paid premium version or temporarily use a trial period. This means that the finished result will not contain marks, watermarks, or other information that indicates that the file was not created by a professional.

The system offers users the most understandable interface with graphic images of each function on the toolbar and many online tips that allow new customers to navigate accurately in an information environment that is initially unusual for them.

If automatic prompts are not enough, the specialists are always ready to help and offer service support through the feedback window. The user does not have to look for answers to his questions through search engines on the Internet since consultants will answer each of them with the maximum level of competence.

The platform has an extensive database of codecs that allows one to convert a file to almost any format known in media file processing. As a result, users can easily open their videos in one form, edit them using the platform’s internal extension, and then save the file in a readable extension on a PC or mobile device running iOS or Android operating systems.

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