Do you want to make your video content more appealing to your viewers? Well, adding music to your videos is a great way to do that. It might seem complicated, but don’t panic; adding background music to your clips is pretty simple, and many programs can help you with that!

This guide will explain the steps you should follow to easily add music to your videos and make your work stand out!

Why Should You Add Music to Your Videos?

Are you still asking yourself why you should invest time in adding music to videos? Well, adding an MP3 track offers many advantages. First, it can boost your engagement. Adding music to your videos builds an emotional connection, which leads to a feeling of commitment. Studies have shown that people who don’t listen to music while watching videos tend to lose interest and detract from the clip.

Second, adding background music helps people remember what they just saw and memorize your messages. It is scientifically proven that music promotes cognitive function; in other words, adding music to your videos can make them memorable!

Adding background music to your videos can also elevate your videos to professional-quality content. Adding music to your clips makes them easier to watch and makes your video’s tone consistent and professional.

How to Add Music to Your Videos with Flixier

Suppose you want to know how to easily add music over a video without installing anything. In that case, we have just the tool for you: Flixier is a powerful online video editor which can also help you add background music for free to your YouTube or Instagram videos.

The video editor works quickly on any computer. Because it is cloud-powered, it will always function the same whether you run it on low-powered PCs and laptops, Chromebooks, or MacBooks.

What steps do you need to take to add MP3 tracks to your videos? To do that, you have to:

1. Upload Your Media to Flixier

First, you must add the audio and visual content to your Flixier library. Then, you can upload your media from your PC, your online storage, or by pasting links to SoundCloud or YouTube. If you don’t have a song yet, you can find the perfect audio in Flixier’s collection of copyright-free music tracks.

2. Move the Track Over to the Video Timeline

Drag the song and the video clip to the Timeline. To synchronize the song with the video, you can move it back and forth with your mouse button. You can also adjust the volume, pan it left to right, and apply an Equalizer using the menu on the right side of the screen. With Flixier’s video editor, you can create vertical or square music videos that are ideal for sharing on Instagram or other social networks.

3. Download or Publish Your Final Video

When you add background music to your video, click on Export. After giving it a name, choose if you want to publish your video immediately to your YouTube or Social Media account. Your video will be available for download in just three minutes or less!

Start Adding Music to Your Videos!

If you want your videos to stand out from the crowd, adding background music is an effective way to attract more attention and get more views. Luckily, it’s not hard to do that, especially when you can do it quickly and for free online.

Now that you have the knowledge and tools, all that is left is adding background music to your videos and make your videos shine!

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