In today’s digital world, the rise of the internet has proven to be a blessing for many people. Every time you see or experience anything new, you can look it up on your trusted Google. This property has presented as a vast advantage to school and college students all over the world. We have seen everything from dedicated learning websites to online courses available for anyone desirous of learning new information.

One such website that gained immense popularity among all students is Textsheet. Sadly the website has been taken down for several reasons. Today we will share what the website did, why it gained such popularity among students, and lastly, the best Textsheet alternatives. So keep on reading to find your new favorite learning website.

What is Textsheet?

Textsheet was a popular website among students as it helped them find answers to all sorts of academic questions. The website used API technology to find answers from other paid educational websites and published them at no cost. It helped students complete their homework, assignments, and other school-related projects. Many people believe that Textsheet for students was counterproductive, but one can’t deny its popularity among students everywhere.

Why was Textsheet so Popular?

Now that we have talked about Textsheet, one might question why the website was so popular. Well, here are a few reasons that contribute to the immense popularity of this educational website. First, since it is extensively used for educational purposes, students look for online resources for their academic activities, especially those who have the question on which “how to find someone to write my essay during the projects or assignments”.

  • Textsheet was a free website, meaning that the information posted on the website was free on cost. In a market of paid educational websites, Textsheet was a cost-effective solution for many students.
  • The questions and answers posted on the website ranged from high school to university subjects. It made Textsheet for students the great help covering the topics from all irrespective of their stream, class, and specialty.
  • The answers on Textsheet came from verified websites like Chegg. It ensured the accuracy and correctness of the information posted on the website. Being created by professionals, the answers posted on Textsheet were expert verified.

Alternatives to Textsheet

As TextSheet was not available now. We will look for the best alternative for TextSheet. Below are Textsheet alternatives with the same or enhanced features.

1. Chegg

Chegg is the website that has been guiding students in their studies for over 20 years. The fact that Textsheet sourced its information from Chegg makes it a dependable alternative to the website. On Chegg, you can find answers to questions covering a wide range of topics and an option to contact educational experts for a one-on-one session. The only downside to Chegg is that it is a paid service, unlike Textsheet.

2. Slader

First on our list of trusted Textsheet alternatives is Slader. Like Textsheet, Slader is a free-use website for high schoolers and has a minimal costing premium plan for college students. In addition, the library has tons of questions and answers on all subjects available on the website. Find the solution to your question or even ask a new question yourself. The best thing about Slader is its mobile app available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

3. School Solver

School solver is another website that has connects tutors with students directly. You can ask your questions and set the price you are willing to pay for the question to be answered, with an option to mark your question as urgent. Finally, a school solver is an alternative for Textsheet for students with its question and answers library where others can access your previously asked question by paying a small price.

4. Skooli

Skooli is a tutoring website that offers monitoring sessions from experts. The billing system of Skooli is unlike any other website we have mentioned in the list. Skooli bills you based on minutes spent with a tutor. Here you get the option to continue the session for one hour or five minutes, depending on your query. So if you are looking for an alternative to Textsheet for students, you can’t go wrong with Skooli.

5. Course Hero

Course Hero is a website that hosts millions of educational resources like study material, guides, textbooks, etc. The website also has a 24/7 expert guidance availability placing it among the best Textsheet alternatives. This website has a categorization based on your school, course, or book name. Students can upload their study resources to the website and start enjoying premium benefits as rewards.

6. Study Lib

Study Lib or Study Library is another website for students that helps them study and revise their courses. The library on the website hosts a vast collection of documents and flashcards. In addition, there are study materials, cheatsheets, puzzles, etc., that help you study and revise previously learned lessons. This website is similar to Textshhet for students because it is a free website with a Chrome extension.

7. Paperhelp

Paperhelp is a website designed to help students in writing their school papers. Whether you are a high school, college, or even grad school student, you can find expert help on Paperhelp. Unlike Textsheet, this website is a paid service where you need to pay for the services. In addition, the topics and subjects covered on Paparhelp are exclusive, with coverage for all students.

8. Byju’s

Byju’s is an Indian educational platform that gained an extensive following during recent times. The website caters to students studying for both school or university exams along with various competitive exams. What makes it a stable Textsheet alternative is the study material and video lessons provided to students through the website. There are also lessons from expert teachers with many features like live doubts sessions and interactive classes.


We hope that going through the above options you, have successfully found a reliable alternative for Textsheet. While the website is currently down and not working, there are many alternatives with enhanced features that are extremely helpful for students.

So whether you are a student or an avid reader looking for educational information on the internet, these websites will be helpful. Whether you or anyone you know is searching for a dependable Textsheet alternative, then this list is for you. With an abundance of options, you are sure to find your new favorite website here.