Best 5 Gmail Add-ons for Productivity

Gmail is a powerful tool, helping a lot of individuals to reach productivity areas. But, there might be individuals looking for more enhanced productivity than just to create a Gmail account. If you are among them, congratulations, as there are plenty of ways to improve your e-mail productivity and reduce time consumption.

This article takes a closer look at the best 5 Gmail add-ons for productivity. Before pointing out the add-ons, have a look at what Gmail Add-on is.

What is a Gmail Add-on?

Gmail Add-ons are built to enhance your workflow and your inbox surface. A Gmail add-on helps you send and receive a message at an increased pace and enables you to get things done faster. Gmail add-ons work the same across the web and Android hence you just need to install them once for accessing them on all of your devices.

Gmail add-on is created to extend the functionality of Gmail. The Gmail add-on is installed into your G Suite Application.

How to add a Gmail Add-On?

Adding a Gmail add-on requires three easy steps

  • Visit the G Suite Marketplace and click on the particular add-on you want to install. Clicking on this will take you to that particular app’s page.
  • Click on the ‘install’ button. And then confirm it, followed by verifying your Google account credentials.
  • Finally, click the “Allow” button to execute the extra functionality to your Gmail account.

How to remove a Gmail Add-On?

It’s up to you how you manage all your Gmail add-on from the “Manage Apps” section of the G Suite Marketplace.

If you wish to remove an add-on, just click on the menu button followed by selecting “Uninstall.”

Now that you know all the how’s and why’s about Gmail add-ons, have a look at the top 5 most powerful Gmail add-ons.

1. Gmelius

Gmelius is a cloud-based collaboration tool that enhances the power of your teams to collaborate efficiently, manage projects, serve your customers, and support automated workflows without leaving Google Workspace and your favourite daily Applications. Gmelius is the Gmail add-on that is capable of doing everything that any other extension can do.

If you want to use Gmelius as a full-fledged project management tool and easy collaboration tool, you need to take its subscription. A plus subscription will cost you around $9/month. It’s not compulsory, though, to take a subscription as in you can try a free trial.

Key Features of Gmelius

  • Unique E-mail templates
  • Easy E-mail tracking
  • Automation and processing of Gmail
  • Sharable inbox
  • Provides a connection to your daily tools via a unique 2-way sync architecture.
  • Google Workspace
  • Gmail Channel
  • Slack Messaging
  • Establishes communication with Zoom
  • Google Calendar and
  • Google Meet Communication

Gmelius is helpful for startups and team collaboration that needs fast work and remote collaboration.

Furthermore, freelancers who do a bulk of work with e-mail can use Gmelius. Also, the salespeople who rely on cold e-mailing can opt for Gmelius.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a personal cloud storage service which is also sometimes referred to as an online backup service. Dropbox is used for hassle-free file sharing and collaboration. It avails users to save files to the folder, add new folders, and drag and drop files among the local folders.

With Dropbox Business, you can take the file-sharing concept a step ahead into a smart workspace design for teams and their tools content. Furthermore, with Dropbox, you can easily share and securely access files across browsers and devices.

Key features of Dropbox

  • Centralization of any team’s content
  • Easy creation, storage, and sharing of content from cloud-based Applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office, etc
  • Consolidation of users’ data sources and team tools for enhanced team productivity, for example- PowerPoints, Trello boards, etc.

You can get the standard and advanced starting paid tiers of Dropbox at $10 and $15 per user / per month, respectively. This will give you 5 TB of storage i.e more than enough storage.

3. Zoom

Zoom is well known Gmail add-on that allows one-to-one chat sessions. It is a top-notch performance Gmail add-on that eliminates the issues of most video conferencing tools. Zoom can help chat sessions grow into group calls, training sessions, and webinars at both internal and external audience levels.

Zoom can avail you of global video meetings of up to 1,000 participants and 49 on-screen videos at a time.

The Gmail add-on Zoom on a single click gives you a choice of options such as – scheduling and hosting meetings at an instant connection with e-mail recipients.

Key features of Zoom

  • Meetings and Chat at an HD video and audio collaboration
  • Provides powered up conference rooms, workspaces, and video chat
  • Provides a full-featured and easy engagement platform for video webinars

Zoom is a generous free plan that provides unlimited 1-to-1 meetings with HD video and audio quality.

However, if you wish to take the paid plans for business and enterprise tiers, you can go with the Pro tier at $14.99 and $19.99. The paid plan avails you with the number of participants, unlimited cloud storage, Admin dashboards, and a variety of levels of customer support.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a Gmail add-on that takes care of your writing, and it works as a “writing assistant”. Any job seeker, writer, or professional can use this add-on to proofread and edit his/her documents. Grammarly can check more than 250 types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, thereby enhancing vocabulary usage.

Key features of Grammarly

  • Grammarly avails you anytime, anywhere mistake-free message composition with the power of its AI-powered assistant.
  • Helps you hunt perfect words with the elimination of any text errors
  • Sets up better and clear communication
  • Helps you get professional with your recipients.

Grammarly comes with a free plan for basic writing corrections such as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. However, it does have a Premium plan that is an individual paid tier. If you need advanced writing feedback, you can opt for a subscription in Grammarly that offers the business plan, starting at $12.50 per user / per month.

5. Clearbit

Clearbit provides the Gmail inbox with a large database of contact enrichment. With this Gmail add-on, your e-mail contacts will be availed with powerful insights. Clearbit is a platform with the most enhanced up-to-date database in the world.

Key features of Clearbit

  • Empowers user’s outreach by giving him/her e-mail address, social media handles, and company information.
  • Leadership building
  • Integrated Marketing Automation
  • Data Cleaning and Enrichment

Clearbit’s pricing begins at $20,000 per annum. For small businesses, you can opt for the Clearbit plans based on the number of API requests. 1,000 accessible requests will cost a user $99.00 per month.


E-mail plays a significant role in daily workflows. Being one of the primary channels for communication, these best 5 Gmail add-ons will guarantee easy and effective collaboration. Just go with them and simplify your work processes to focus on what matters the most for you and your team.

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