A Quick Look at the OP Autoclicker

Auto clickers are handy tools that allow you to run repetitive tasks in an automated fashion, saving time and effort while completing menial or complex tasks instantly.

OP Autoclicker, one of the most popular auto clickers available today, offers multiple features that have made it an excellent choice for many users worldwide. Here’s a quick look at why this program has become so popular and what makes it stand out from other auto clickers on the market right now.

Auto clickers are just what they sound like – programs designed to automatically perform clicks at intervals you specify. It can be immensely useful if you have too much time on your hands, but these programs aren’t always the most accessible or even the best option in some situations.

What is OP Auto Clicker

Often a mouse clicker is just used as a fun way to pass the time. But, that isn’t always true. For example, when spending money on in-game items, you can save yourself some money by using auto clickers such as Auto Clicker OP. In addition, auto Clickers will automatically perform certain functions such as clicking or looting and make playing games more efficient and easy.

An auto clicker is handy when grinding for resources or just looking to level up faster than usual. The developer of Auto Clicker has made sure that the interface is user-friendly, making it extremely easy to use.

A full-fledged auto clicker can click at your dynamic cursor position or a predefined location. You can also set the maximum number of clicks (or leave it as infinite).

Hotkeys make it easy to access the Internet via the background.

There are 3 versions of the OP auto-clicker. The OP Auto Clicker version 2 is the oldest. The OP Auto Clicker 2.1 version is the next. While the 3.0 version is the most recent, it is this one.

Version 3.0 offers essential features, including an ad-free interface, safe-to-use with no viruses, background hotkey support, and custom hotkey settings. It also supports single, double, and triple-clicking. Version 2.0 and version 2.1 work well but lack some of the latest features.

Features of OP Auto Clicker

Click on Options

  • You can choose which clicks you wish to use your clicker by clicking options. Specific refers to either left, right, or middle-click (Scroll in most instances).
  • Next is “Click Repeat” you can choose your desired number of clicks or click until stopped. It defaults to “Repeat Until Stopped.” The toggle you have set will be the toggle the auto clicker uses to start and stop.
  • The default interval for clicking should be set to 100 milliseconds.


  • You can change the default toggle to activate the Auto clicker by pressing F6.
  • Click on the HotKey Settings in the lower-left corner to change the default toggle. Next, click the Start/Stop option and tap on the key you wish to change as your toggle.

Playback and Record

The OP Auto Clicker also offers “Playback & record” as a handy feature. This feature allows you to record clicks at different locations and replay them to imitate your movements.

AutoClicker is that it tracks your clicks, which means you can see how many times you clicked, wherein a certain game or application you clicked, and how long you spent on each click. This has been extremely helpful for figuring out where your mouse is going and whether or not.

Because AutoClicker runs on your desktop and lets you set specific locations to click rather than just letting your mouse run around on its own, it feels more hands-on than other similar software.

It also lets you switch seamlessly between mouse buttons without changing settings, which makes a huge difference when playing MMOs.

How to Set Shortcut on OP Autoclicker

Download auto clicker and set up it is simple. However, you should follow a few steps before firing up your mouse clicker of choice.

  • Open the OP Auto Clicker app
  • Select the Hotkey Setting button
  • Click the Start/Stop Button
  • You can select the hotkey by pressing any key on the keyboard
  • The hotkey for your PC is now the chosen key

How to refresh a web page using OP auto clicker

Some users will be looking for how to refresh a web page using OP auto clicker software.

  • Determine how often the web page should be refreshed.
  • Set the left mouse button to refresh the page.
  • Determine the number of times a web page has to be refreshed.
  • Move the refresh button to the right.
  • To start an automatic refresh, click the Start button (Default F6) or the shortcut key.

How to use the auto clicker for the Minecraft game

Downloading auto clicker for Minecraft can help you get in-game gold quickly.

  • Once you launch Minecraft, you’ll see a bunch of buttons at the bottom of the screen. Press the one on the screen to activate each one.
  • To start, let’s look at the Strike button. The easiest way to click on it is to position the mouse over the button and decrease the distance between clicks to their bare minimum.
  • When you Set Click Repeat to Repeat Until Stopped, the clicker will trigger automatically each time an enemy comes near you. Your avatar will automatically attack until he has successfully killed the opponent.
  • The mine feature can also be configured the same way, as the same button is used here for mining and earning XP. Compared to the manual click, your avatar will be able to mine and earn XP at a much faster rate using the auto click.
  • You can activate any option by clicking your mouse cursor hover over it if you are using the Dynamic Cursor on your screen.
  • If you wish to automate a sequence of clicks, the OP Auto Clicker’s Recording feature may be helpful to you. But it is not a commonly used tool. Particularly in situations like fishing, the Numbered Clicks Option is also helpful.


The OP Autoclicker is a straightforward piece of software. Downloading it will only take a couple of minutes and can be a great way to help you progress through your games. It could also help you realize that time spent playing video games may not have been as productive as you had previously thought!

So, what are you waiting for if you enjoy gaming but want to take on more professional responsibilities? Downloading auto clicker software might not be in your best interest.

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