Are you looking for a good auto clicker software to help you automate mouse and keyboard clicking easily? If yes, you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will make you know a suitable Auto Clicker and its working. If you are interested in having detailed information on using Auto Clicker, keep reading the article.

What is an Auto Clicker?


Before getting started to know about an Auto Clicker’s operation process, you need to know the exact meaning.

An Auto Clicker or a mouse clicker is software that can assist you to do multiple continual clicks/taps at your device’s screen for a particular period of time (which you specify). It is a convenient program that controls and commands keyboard and mouse clicking. Various mouse clicking games including Clicks Per Second (CPS) test, are very interesting for speed mice or fans.

It gets you rid of the problem of tapping the keyboard and mouse repeatedly. An auto-clicking software can activate an input produced from various settings or a previously made input.

Instead of taking any Auto Clicker, A good Auto Clicker is always the better choice. Given below is the auto-clicking program we suggest to you.

Which Auto Clicker do we recommend? – MurGee

The MurGee Auto Clicker is reliable and easy to use. It is effortless in its operation and provides easy setup options.


MurGee automates the clicking of the mouse’s left button along with the keyboard’s shortcut. The software’s prime window permits you to set up many options for the Auto Clicker. For example, you are allowed to set up intervals or delays between the clicks of the mouse. A short key of the keyboard can also be used to automatically initiate or pause the mouse clicking and determine the automation of several mice clicking. Finally, you can download Murgee Auto Clicker and install it the basic way.

Along with our recommendation for MurGee, we can say many other options. One of such is AutoClickerz. This auto clicker is an excellent alternative to murgee autoclicker. You can try that by yourself and check how that fits for you.

Features of the MurGee Auto Clicker

  • In the MurGee Auto clicking software, you can change the color of its text and backdrop.
  • After the auto clicker completes the clicking, you can select another mouse cursor presented on the screen.
  • You can set an audio file that would be automatically played after the auto-clicking is completed.
  • You can change the speed of mouse-clicking as per your preference. The basic thing to understand here is to keep less time delay between the auto-clicks. On the contrary, the clicking speed would be slower if you keep more time between auto-clicks.
  • In case you want to either initiate or pause the auto mouse clicking, you can do that with the help of the existing/actual mouse click. You can easily initiate or pause the auto mouse clicks when you click any mouse buttons (let it be the left one, right one, or middle one).

How to use MurGee – Detailed tutorial

Step 1: Firstly, start the MurGee Auto Clicker from the program menu or desktop shortcut made in the setup.

Step 2: Make use of a configurable shortcut of the keyboard to initiate and pause the auto click.

Step 3: If you want to change the keyboard’s shortcut, which was allocated previously, click on the ‘remove key’ option and allocate another keyboard shortcut.

Step 4: You can set up the software to either click at a defined screen position or present a mouse cursor.


Step 5: Now, determine whether you want to initiate the Auto Clicker at a single instance or multiple instances.

Step 6: To pretend that a human is clicking, keep moving the mouse at irregular distances during the auto-clicking.


Step 7: An alternate way to pretend human clicking is to include irregular delays in the period between successive clicks.

Step 8: The Auto Clicker lets you automate Right Click, left click, central click, or continuous press on the mouse button for as much time as you want.


An Auto Clicker can be helpful to you when you want multiple taps on your device’s screen. It automates the mouse and keyboard clicking process quickly, and thus, your fingers won’t get tried. In this article, we have recommended you ‘MurGee’ Auto Clicker. The steps to use it are mentioned above. You can efficiently operate this Auto Clicker and be free of clicking mouses and keyboards to get the desired result.