BSNL Minimum Recharge And Mobile Number Portability

Earlier, most of the telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone Idea implemented the compulsory minimum recharge however bsnl minimum recharge is far better than all. Telecom companies added it in order to keep the service active.

Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea introduced the recharge plan of Rs. 35 with a validity of 28 days. Users need to recharge every month to receive and make calls. But recently, all the companies increased the base minimum recharge plan, and the user needs to perform a recharge with Rs. 49 at least in the place of earlier Rs. 35 recharge.

To avoid the minimum recharge, many people are asking for a solution, and most of them consider Mobile Number Portability. Some think that porting to Jio or BSNL can avoid the minimum recharge rule.

Before doing so, you need to know some points. If you plan to port to Jio or BSNL, one thing to keep in mind is that Both Jio and BSNL also have the minimum recharge from the beginning itself. To use the Jio Service, users need to recharge a minimum of Rs. 149 every 28 days.

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BSNL Minimum Recharge Plans

Same in the case of BSNL, users need to do a plan recharge of Rs. 74 or above every 3 months to keep the service active. But if you are choosing the Freedom Plan of BSNL with Rs. 136, then you will get 6 months validity.

Porting to Jio

If you are planning to port your existing number to Jio, consider the following things. Porting your primary mobile number, which has been kept unused and wishes to port to Jio, you need to recharge every 28 days with Rs. 149 plan at least. Earlier Jio was offering an affordable plan of Rs. 98, but the company now increased the plan and replaced it with new packages.

The second thing, needs to know is that Jio is a 4G only network, and because of that, coverage will be an issue always. Your Jio SIM can only be used in the 4G handset, and it will be available in those places where 4G coverage is available. Whereas other network uses 2G, 3G, and 4G, the coverage and network availability won’t be an issue.

Porting to BSNL

If you are really looking to Port out from your current operator, then we recommend BSNL for that. If you consider BSNL, the best thing is that BSNL provided coverage in most of the area, and also, they have 2G, 3G, and now 4G too.

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Like other networks, BSNL is also to be recharged with plan vouchers, but BSNL offers the most convenient vouchers. For Rs. 74 BSNL provides 3 months validity whereas, for Rs 136, they provide 6 months validity.

Is it necessary to Port

If you are good to recharge with Rs. 49 per month, then the best thing is to keep the number with your current operator without porting. It is also expected that the telecom companies will reduce the plan vouchers in the coming months. If you still need to port out, we recommend BSNL for you.

How to Port-out from current operator

Step 1: Send a text message to 1900 from the mobile that you wish to port out in the format.
PORT [space] [mobile number]
Eg: if the number is 9123456789, then send message to 1900 in the format PORT 9123456789

Step 2: In return, you will get a message with a UPC (Unified Porting Code)
Note: You have to clear off all the dues with your current operator. Otherwise, Porting Authority will reject the porting request.

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Step 3: Approach the office of the new operator, where you wish to port-in. Provide them the details such as mobile number, porting code, and the required documents, etc.

Step 4: You will be provided with a new SIM card, and after 2 to 3 days, your current SIM card will be disconnected, and the number will be activated on the new number.

Now the TRAI implemented the new 2-day porting process all over the country, and the number will be ported to the new operator within 2-3 days if the porting was happening within the same circle and maximum 5 days if different circle.

20 thoughts on “BSNL Minimum Recharge And Mobile Number Portability”

  1. I feel ruined by porting to jio,wish I could have got this information compulsory recharge of 149 offers only data but no talk time.

  2. I had ported Bsnl to gio one year’s ago due to non availability of I want to come back.what shall I do?

  3. Bsnl have decreased the plan from rupees 36 for 6 months then rupees 74 for 3 months and now rupees 74 for 2 months only with in 6 months during lockdown. I recharge monthly plan ( full talktime 187 for 28 days validity) but bsnl force me to extend my plan otherwise they block my number after expired the minimum validity extension plan (rupees 74/75).
    I asked to customer service but they confirmed me validity extension plan is necessary for each customer. According to this I pay per month more than Airtel with mental harrasment. I have also jio but the internet speed is 1-10kb in IIT DELHI also we check many points , change the mobile etc but the service is very bad. Please suggest which operater is good. Thanks 🙏

    • Yes, all the telecom companies are now changing plans frequently. In case of BSNL you are right, rather than changing the plan they are reducing the validity.

      When considering the Internet speed and coverage all the telecom are providing below average service now. For calls and SMS, BSNL is the best since the coverage is much better with them. For the internet, I think Airtel is better now when compared with others. However, it may vary based on the region too.

      Better you need to check with your friends or relative in your local area having a different SIM so that you will get a better idea on a different network. Then you can port your SIM.

  4. hello I am using BSNL sim which was using from 100 days I want to port my number and I am unable to port as it is showing on the screen that your request for UPC has been delayed please try after some time

  5. I unable to send the port message from Bsnl .
    I am getting message sending failed though the current balance is 20rs.


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