List of Airtel Minimum Recharge Plan For Outgoing Validity

As we can see with the implementation of the minimum recharge plan for the major telecom’s such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea users need to recharge regularly in order to receive incoming calls and for outgoing calls. This caused a large number of users an extra expense since most of them are keeping their primary SIM which belongs to the above providers in a non-recharging way. Here we are looking into a few recharge plan to Increase your Airtel Outgoing Validity.

As with the Jio’s data offers unlimited call benefits, most users prefer to recharge their Jio number whereas the primary SIM will not be recharged regularly. In order to overcome this and to increase the revenue share, the telecoms implemented the minimum recharge strategy.

Now, all the users of Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone needs to recharge every month with any of the available minimum recharge plan to make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls. Anyone failing to do so will result in getting blocked with outgoing service first and then with incoming service.

Here we are going to see the list of Airtel minimum recharge available for incoming calls and for outgoing calls. Use any of the plan increase the validity of your Airtel SIM.

1. Easy Recharge for Rs. 23

This is the lowest monthly recharge plan which gives the user a 28 days validity. The benefits of this plan include a 2.5 paisa per second calling charge for all the local and STD calls. All local SMS at Rs. 1 and STD SMS at Rs. 1.5. There will be no talk time for this plan. For talk time, the user needs to recharge with Top Up vouchers.

This plan will be most useful for those who just need to keep their number alive to save it from disconnection.

2. Smart Recharge for Rs. 35

This is the most effective minimum recharge plan which will give users both validity and talk time together. The plan will provide validity of 28 days and with a talk time of Rs. 26.66. All the call charge will be as like the Rs. 23 plan. User can make all calls at 2.5 paise per second. The pack also give users data benefit worth 100MB.

As we mentioned before, this pack is the most effective one, which provides both talk time and validity. This will be useful for those who make some outgoing calls without any further top-ups.

3. Airtel Rs. 65 Plan

As like the 35 plan, this one also provides the user with both talk time and validity. This plan also provides the user with a 28 days validity along with a talk time of Rs. 55. In addition to this, the pack also provides the user with 200MB data. Airtel users can make all the local, national and landline calls at 60 paise per minute with this plan.

4. Airtel Rs. 95 Full Talktime Plan

This is the only full talk time plan available in Airtel which comes user Rs. 100 per month. The validity of the plan is the same as the others which give users a 28 days time. As we mentioned, the talk time benefits include a full value, ie Rs. 95. All outgoing calls can be made at 30 paise per minute too. Additionally, the pack also give a 500MB of mobile data too.

This pack will be more beneficial for those who are willing to spend almost Rs. 100 per month and have a good number of outgoing calls. Since it provides Rs. 95 talk time and 30 paisa call charges, users can make 316 minutes of outgoing calls with this pack without any further top-up.

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