What is Validity Recharge for Airtel with the Minimum Amount

As we are all doing the validity extension recharges for each SIM for the past few months. The private telecom companies made it mandatory to do minimum recharges every month to keep the number active. Here we are checking how to increase the validity of Airtel SIM with the validity extension recharges. Let us check what is validity recharge for airtel and also see what is airtel incoming validity recharges.

Update: The minimum recharge plan of Rs. 35 is not valid now and Airtel now introduced the new Rs. 49 plan in replacement of Rs. 35 Plan.

Like all other telecom companies, Airtel users also need to use the minimum recharge plan or an unlimited plan every 28 days to get the incoming and outgoing facility on the number. Failing to do so will result in blocking of Outgoing calls first followed by the block of incoming calls and finally disconnection of the number after a certain period.

List of Airtel SIM validity extension recharges

Following are the list of minimum recharge vouchers for Airtel users so that the incoming and outgoing calls will not get blocked.

1. Rs. 45 Minimum Recharge Plan with 28 days validity

Plan 45 is the lowest available recharge which can be used to increase the validity of Airtel SIM. With the recharge, the validity will be extended to 28 days. No additional benefits or talk time is available with this plan. Users can make calls at 2.5 paise per second using the main balance and the SMS rate will be Rs. 1 per SMS.

2. Rs. 29 Plan with 500MB Data

This plan will give users a validity of 28 days along with 500MB of mobile data. No additional benefits such as discounted call rates or talk time are available in this plan. This plan is not looking good for any users as it just providing 500MB data without any additional benefits.

Airtel Best Minimum Recharge Plan for Validity Extension

As we mentioned above, Rs. 35 recharge plan is the best available recharge to increase the validity. In a quick look, people might think that Rs. 23 plan will be the cheapest plan. But that is not the case. The thing is that with Rs. 35 recharge, users will get 28 days validity along with Rs. 26.66 talk time. Here, once the 28-day validity is over, Airtel will automatically deduct Rs. 23 from the users talk time and extend the validity for another 28 days.

So in short, users will get 56 validity for a single Rs. 35 recharge whereas user needs to recharge 23 vouchers two times to get 56 days validity in other cases. Since Rs. 23 recharge is not providing any talk time value. It is also noted that a talk time of Rs. 23 is necessary to automatically extend the validity by Rs. 23 deduction. Otherwise, you need to recharge again. So keep the talk time unused in the account.

Update: All the telecom operators now removed the minimum recharge plan and now Airtel users need to recharge with a plan of Rs. 49 atlest every 28 days. Users will get validity of 28 days along with 100MB data and a talktime of Rs. 38.52 with this plan.

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