In our earlier articles we explained in detail about Reliance Jio’s International Roaming service and how it becomes the best roaming service in the country. With its unbeatable price range, we can say that, with there 2rs per minute plan, Jio is the one of the cheapest International Roaming service provider in the world.

In the previous article we explained all the facts about the Jio’s International roaming along with some of its limitations. Here we will explain all the steps to be done before you take your SIM card to the International Location.

First, we can say that International Roaming service on Reliance Jio is completely free and it is available to all the prepaid and postpaid customers without any additional Rent. However calling charges will be applied for all the incoming and outgoing calls.

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If you are a prepaid customer, before you start the journey, you need to do a one time International Roaming plan on your Jio number to activate the service. There are 4 IR Packs available in Jio. You can opt any of these pack and the IR service will be activated on your number. Also, apart from the activation, you will get also get the corresponding pack benefits.

Jio’s International Roaming Packs

Rs. 1101 Global Pack – With this pack you will get Rs. 1211 talktime (talktime can only be used outside India). Also 5 free International SMS (can be used while in India). The validity of the pack is 28 days.

Rs. 575 Unlimited Plan – This plan will give 1 day validity with 100 min of outgoing calls to India and the visited country. Unlimited incoming calls. 100 free SMS and unlimited data with 250MB at high speed and 64 kbps thereafter.

Rs. 2875 Unlimited Plan – This plan will give 7 days validity and 100 min calls to India and the visited country. Incoming calls are free with unlimited minutes. Daily free 100 SMS and unlimited data with 250MB at high speed and 64kbps after that each day.

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Rs. 5751 Unlimited Plan – This plan will give 1500 minutes of outgoing minutes that can be used to call the visited country and to India. Incoming calls are totally free. 1500 SMS and unlimited data with 5GB at high speed and 64 kbps after that. The benefits will be valid for 30 days.

It should be noted that, all the above packs can be done at anytime and and you can recharge with the same pack again after the validity finishes, if you need the unlimited benefits. It is not mandatory to do recharge with any of the above plan once the validity ends.

For International Roaming activation, you only needs to recharge with any plan only once for your number. And we recommend to recharge with the Global Pack of 1101 as this pack is available in all the countries. The unlimited pack is available in some countries only. Also, if your are using Jio for the first time, then it will be better to try with global pack before using the unlimited high value pack.

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Best way to use Jio number for IR Service

First, do recharge for Rs. 1101 before you start Journey. After few minutes the IR service will be activated on your number and Rs. 1211 IR talk time will be credited on your number. The validity for the pack ie 28 days will be started only once you reach the International Location.

Then you will get Rs. 1211 talk time for incoming, outgoing calls, sms and data. The call rate starts from Rs. 2 to 10. In some countries including USA and UAE, the call charge will be 2-2-2-2 ie 2 for outgoing, 2 for incoming, 2 for sms and 2 for 1 MB data. Please check with for all the calling charges depending on countries.

Once the validity of 28 days is finished, you can choose any of the above IR pack again to get the benefits. 575, 2875, 5751 for unlimited benefits and 1101 for talk time benefits. If you don’t want this much, then simply recharge with Rs. 98 plan that will give you 28 days validity on your number. Additionally, you need to top up your number with any top up voucher starting from Rs. 10 onwards.

You can choose the top up voucher depending on your usage. For eg. If you are in UAE and you only need 250 minutes calls to India and within UAE for the whole 28 days, the recharge with Rs. 98 Plan and Top Up with Rs. 500. Total Rs. 598, you can use 250 min calls for 28 days.

The call charges with your Jio number will be same all the time, and the balance will be deducted from your main account. So you can top up at any time, if your balance went low.

If you are making lot of calls and data, then you can go for unlimited pack with gives all incoming calls free of charge 1500 min outgoing with unlimited data.

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