Things to Know Before Using BSNL Prepaid SIM For International Roaming

In the previous article we mentioned about the steps involved in activating International Roaming service on your BSNL Prepaid number. As we mentioned there, if you wish to use your BSNL number in the international location, first thing you need to do is to get the International Roaming enabled SIM card.

The existing prepaid SIM card will not work in the International Location as it is single IMSI Sim. To enable this, you need to get dual IMSI sim card from the customer care. Just walk to the nearest customer service center and ask for a duplicate SIm card for your number. Also inform them that you need to get an International Roaming enabled SIM.

Once you get the SIM card, it will be activated within 10 to 15 minutes. Now your SIM will be ready to use outside India. The International Roaming service will be activated without any recharge or rent. You can use your SIM card free of cost in the International Location.

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However, one more thing to be noted here. Your SIM will be active in the roaming location and you will get all the SMS free of charge. But to make and receive calls, you need to do a recharge of Rs. 58 (Kerala Circle) every month. In short, to make and receive calls, you have to pay the corresponding call charge along with the Rs. 58 monthly recharge.

BSNL International Roaming Pack

As we mentioned, if you are using your number just to receive incoming SMS, then you don’t have to recharge with any plan. Existing home plan is only needed. In case if you need your sim to make and receive calls or to send SMS from the roaming country, then you need to recharge with a particular pack every 30 days.

The price of the IR pack is different in each location. Following are the recharge plan available in different circles.

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  • Rs. 57 for Tamilndu, Andra Pradesh & Telungana, East, West, North Circles
  • Rs. 56 for Karnataka Circle
  • Rs. 58 for Kerala Circle

Also note that, the above recharge is only for enabling the service. Call charges for incoming and outgoing calls along with the outgoing sms charges are separate.

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