Nowadays, every business has a huge choice of tech solutions they can deploy to reach out to their audience. However, most companies tend to decide on their preferred technology based on internal factors.

But, when it comes to customer interactions, it becomes essential to ensure that the technology you select is the most relevant for your audience. As such, it makes no sense to invest in an affordable solution if it doesn’t meet your customers’ expectations. It would be a false economy. Consequently, the organisation needs to keep in mind not only how customers interact with technology, but also in which context technology is used by individuals.

The on-site advisor

While there are many reasons why visitors would leave a website, one of the most commonly quoted explanations is the inability to find an answer to their queries. Visitors come to your website because they want to get in touch with the customer service team, because they are trying to buy a product, or because they want to find out more about an organisation. That’s precisely where a live chat can help address queries when they arise and guide visitors to the right place.

The addition of chat technology can provide help when and where it’s needed to prevent loss of opportunities. It’s essential to use a service that can handle conversations with your visitors seamlessly and provide the level of assistance they need. If you are looking for the best live chat provider then take a look at click4assistance, the web chat experts with over 15 years of experience in managing and empowering online communication. Chat technology is crucial to promote helpfulness, practical and quick solutions, and visibility.

The real-time virtual face-to-face

Digital experiences such as video games can be tricky to share with your audience. Most companies opt for a teaser that doesn’t always showcase real game footage. Even when they do utilise game footage, video game trailers can fail to address essential questions. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for customers to wait for the first industry reviews before deciding to purchase.

But businesses could offer a unique shared experience through live streaming on Twitch using the steps highlighted in this handy guideline. Twitch is especially effective for all types of digital experiences as the platform can share the screen in real-time, creating an emotional engagement with your audience. They feel at the heart of the action, which can help drive sales.

The human face behind the brand

Social media is designed to promote conversations between brands and customers. But not every platform has the same result. Instagram, and especially Instagram stories, gives brands the chance to put a face behind the business. As Neil Patel explains Instagram stories make brands more relatable by showing off personality. Some brands use the story features to share short narratives from the perspective of employees or influencers. Others share a personal message that addresses a current situation. Yet, unlike many other social media features, Instagram stories generate trust and relatable content.

The list of tech solutions and their properties is long. Most businesses are familiar with SMS marketing, for instance, which may be old-fashioned but remains highly effective in driving a rapid response. Another tech, as shown above, can be used to ensure a practical answer, drive emotional engagement, or make the brand more personable. The bottom line is that each tech fulfills a unique purpose, and the better you understand this, the more you can make out of your in-house solutions.

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