Do you want to start streaming on Twitch but don’t know where to begin? This easy-to-follow guide will show you everything you need to know to set up your channel, connect with viewers, and grow your streaming career on Twitch.

This article will discuss everything from stream setup to live streaming on Twitch.

How To Create A Twitch Account

There is no rocket science in creating a Twitch account. It is one of the most straightforward processes to do. You might feel it like a piece of cake.

To create a Twitch account, you need to perform only six steps. We have mentioned all six stages here.

To create a Twitch account, you will require basic information such as an email ID, a username, a password, and a birthdate. That’s all.

  1. First, you need to browse The catch is that you can live stream without creating a Twitch account, but if you want extra features such as a chatbox and like-comment section, it is mandatory to create one.
  2. You are required to think of a unique username. Because your username will appear when you chat with someone on stream, you can think of plenty of usernames. It could be your nickname. You can play with your name, letter, and birthdate numbers. Just make sure it is unique and easy to remember.Your username should stand out from the crowd, so avoid using overly generic usernames. Also, please avoid changing your username frequently; it might be difficult for viewers to find you.
  3. Now, it is time to create a password. It is the most crucial step, so make sure it is unique; no one should know it except yourself.
  4. The fourth step is to enter your birthdate. You are required to enter your birthdate to verify your age. Also, this step is essential and within the terms and conditions created by Twitch.
  5. The fifth step concerns your email ID. It is vital to enter a valid email ID, as OBS will communicate all the necessary notifications and news regarding your streaming channel only through the email ID.
  6. After all these five steps, 95% of the work is done. Now, you must accept the terms and conditions by checking the box. Afterward, you can click on sign up to complete the application.

Your Twitch live account is ready, and your stream setup is done on Twitch.

The Requirements To Make Videos On Twitch

In this part, we will explain everything needed to make Twitch videos and show you a few essential steps.

Guidelines to upload Twitch live videos

If you want to upload videos on Twitch, you can do it by uploading endpoints. These endpoints allow users to make tools to create and manage videos on Twitch.

Here are the video formats you can upload videos to on Twitch.

  • MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV file formats
  • AAC audio
  • Up to 1080p or 60FPS
  • Up to 10 MBPS bitrate
  • H264 codec

Bandwidth Limit

Twitch’s bandwidth limit is five simultaneous uploads per account, so you can upload 100 videos in 24 hours at most.

Streaming Backpack

If you are a traveler making videos on the go, you need a streaming backpack to publish and stream videos as normal. For that, you should choose the right irl backpack for your journey.

Streaming with Twitch

If you want to target a large audience via online gaming skills, there could be hardly a better option than live streaming on Twitch. It would help if you were prepared to stream the video game sessions to the most effective game streaming service globally, and you have to install a few apps for smooth live streaming. You may search for sources to buy Twitch viewers for more exposure to your live-streaming videos.

First, you need to sign up for a Twitch account. Then, you need to copy the stream key. The stream key is the unique code you use to link and stream your video game from the free streaming apps.

You must complete the stream setup for live streaming using basic amenities such as game audio, webcam, and microphone. You also need to download a simple broadcasting app such as OBS (Open broadcast software). This app might not have an excellent user interface, but it is the most powerful application.

Once you install OBS, you will be asked to enter the unique code or stream key. This step is required because OBS can interact with your channel, and you can stream easily.

After that step, you can choose what you want to stream if you wish to broadcast just a single window of your browser, the entire desktop, a full-screen app, or a game. You can also adjust other essential factors from the sub-menus, such as audio levels and stream quality.

How To Live From PS4 and Xbox One

Live streaming PS4 using Twitch

Thanks to the DualShock controller, which includes a dedicated ‘Share’ Button, Play Station 4 is the easiest way to start streaming.

To start streaming from PS4, press the ‘Share’ button from the controller. After that, you should click on ‘Broadcast gameplay.’ Now, press on Twitch; you need to link your Twitch admin account information using Windows or macOS. You can also capture your gaming reaction using a PlayStation eye camera.

  • Once you have completed all the processes, you must repeat some steps to start streaming.
  • Press the Share button.
  • Click on the Broadcast Gameplay.
  • Now, select your preferred service to stream.
  • After that, you need to title the broadcast.
  • Decide whether you want to enable comments or not.
  • Set a video quality
  • Set audio quality
  • Now, start Broadcasting to start streaming.
  • To end the streaming, click on the ‘Share’ button again.

Live streaming Xbox using Twitch

You must take some essential steps to start streaming Xbox with a twitch.

First, you must stop by the Microsoft Store and install the Twitch app.

After installing the Twitch app, you will be greeted and asked to enter a unique code. Then, you have to enter that unique code via your Twitch admin account.

You need to get into streaming by signing up for Twitch using the website on a Windows 10 or macOS computer.

After this basic setup, you must return to the Xbox to select Broadcast with Twitch from the app.


Twitch has a lot of different things to offer to users. It allows users to do experiments to reach their presence. The Twitch audience’s high engagement enables marketers to push their service or product to their target viewers via rolling advertisements on streamers’ live videos. Live streaming on Twitch is emerging at a good pace. Brands should note this and leverage influencer marketing, which is more effective than conventional marketing.

If you haven’t been using Twitch to livestream, it is high time you strike while the iron is hot.