Quick Review of Novopay Payment Gateway

Nowadays people prefer to pay online for purchases. Credit cards, Debit cards are used along with other e-commerce systems to get the transaction done quickly. It helps the banking sector to create a wide distribution network. This is the one-stop solution for all your banking needs.

Novopay is one of the best e-wallet options available in the market. Novopay for retailers is a blessing. By using Novopay a customer can withdraw money and make purchases of many consumer-related goods without having hard cash you can also pay your electricity bills, Phone bills via Novopay. With the presence of e-wallets like Novopay now banking facilities are available in every part of India.

Services offered by Novopay to their customers

If you choose Novopay as your e-wallet partner you will gain a lot of facilities. The list of services as follows

  • You can send money from your bank account to any other bank account. The two bank accounts that are involved in the process need not be from the same bank.
  • You will be enabled to pay your electricity bills for all electricity boards following some easy steps.
  • You can recharge your sim card with a prepaid top-up by using Novopay or also you can pay the post-paid bill of your sim card later just like the electricity bill.
  • DTH recharge is also possible. You can recharge your DTH service anytime, anywhere as all the service providers accept payment made with Novopay.
  • You can also unsure about your health by taking insurance within your capacity.

Services provided by Novopay for retailers

If you are thinking about becoming a Novopay retailer, you can also be benefitted from it.

  • By using Novopay in your retail store you can earn a commission of up to 5000 per month.
  • Turn your retail store into an Aadhaar ATM. Customers can withdraw cash from your shop using their Aadhaar credentials.
  • All your data and payment-related information will be well secured by Novopay.

Why you should choose Novopay?

As the customers, demand is increasing day by day the banking system of India is lagging to match up with the needs. Novopay is the solution for this as the platform uses technology to solve all these problems. Novopay uses a single platform known as Generation X CBS. With the help of that, all kinds of banking transactions can be made within a blink of an eye.

You need not have different systems and multiple excel sheets you can see all your transaction details on dashboards. Novopay is made up of the latest and greatest innovative technology and it is evolving day by day. It’s your one-stop destination for all your banking related issues. Gen X CBS can provide you with services like banking transactions, complex use cases, and many more.

You can access it from a metro city as well as from small towns even from the rural areas. The retailer network of Novopay is also highly profitable as it has doubled itself in a year. It is a revolution in the banking and financial system of India. With Novopay a poor man can withdraw or sent a certain amount of money from his own house, earlier this type of person needs to travel miles to reach a bank to make such transactions. The cash withdrawal charge is also very low. It is more or less 1% of the total amount.

Novopay is available in 25 states of India and it is the fastest-growing DMT and AEPS platform. Currently, there are more than 1 lakh retailers in India and every month thousands of others are joining the thriving community to earn extra money. Every year more or less 50 lakhs of transactions are made by using Novopay in association with major banks of India.

How customers or retailers get access to Novopay?

You can download the Novopay app from the play store or the Apple store on your device. Novopay is compatible with all the devices. Once you download the app you have to share some important and necessary information like E-mail ID, location and name, and few others.

You can also avail of the service of the Novopay wallet, it is issued by the RBL bank. It is issued on the website of Novopay in association with the RBL bank and you can also take the help of a retailer. For the registration, you have to register yourself with your mobile number. You need to agree to the terms and conditions.

You also need to agree that any of your transactions will not violate the law. Once you are done with the registration process you can go to a retail point to make any kind of transaction. If you have done your KYC you can withdraw up to 100000 INR per month and if have not done your KYC you can withdraw amounts up to 10000.

To get the KYC done if you are an existing customer log in WITH the 4 digit MPIN. Then go to the bill payment page and tap on the activate now option and then you will be redirected to the complete KYC page. Then scan all the necessary documents. After all, click on complete KYC to finish the process.

If you want to become a Novopay retailer write them on care @novopay.in or contact them with the helpline number. They will contact you and once you give all the sufficient information about you to satisfy them you will be hired as a retailer.

Criteria to use Novopay wallet

The following criteria you need to have to be eligible to use Novopay wallet,

  • Your age should be at least 18 at the time of the account activation.
  • You have to be a legal citizen of India.
  • You have to agree that your wallet will only be used in India and if will always have the minimum balance amount.

You also need to confirm that you have not been barred previously from using the Novopay app previously.

  • ● As mentioned earlier you have to give correct information about you and also you have to agree to the condition that no transaction will be against the Indian penal code.

Activities that are prohibited for the users of Novopay

  • You shall not transfer your account to a third party.
  • You should not use multiple Novopay wallet.
  • Don’t give false information about you.


Now as you know almost everything about the Novopay app and wallet. Just give your business a boost and become a retailer and earn extra commission. Make payments in no time. Make Novopay your e-commerce partner now.

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