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Parents are increasingly creating a technology dependent world around kids. The reason we hardly see kids without a smartphone is that parents’ perspective of cell phones has changed – kid’s need cell phones for safety reasons. Parents get ample of relief knowing their kids can stay in touch With Bit Guardian parental control app.

We cannot deny the fact that smartphones offer a sense of security at all times, but the risk of mobile phones are overpowering the safety parameter. The smartphone is destroying the innocence of kids by exposing them to explicit contents at a juvenile age.

Smartphone safety is now associated with kids’ safety. It is increasingly getting important to find ways to make the smartphone a safe and healthy platform for kids use. So, how do you make your kid’s device safe?

How to make phone safe for a child?

Here are some efficient ways to make your kid’s phone safe:

1. Android restricted Users

Android does not give a child profile per se, but the user profile setting solves the problem by creating a new restricted user in the same device. As a parent, go ahead and create a new profile in your device;
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  • Click on the user setting in the settings window.
  • Select “Add user” and follow the instructions to create a new profile for your kid.
  • Many apps like Calculator, YouTube, etc. will automatically be available for your kid.

Do make sure you have a password on the main profile, to keep your little brats away from your app content.

2. Play store settings

Play store makes parents life more relaxed. Android has provided parental settings in the Play store.

  • Click on the navigation panel and scroll down
  • Here you will find settings, click on settings and find User controls
  • Under the User control sub-section, locate Parental Controls.
  • Click on parental controls and toggle the switch to enable parental control.
  • Here you will find content restrictions for different categories- apps &games, movies, and music.
  • Well, go nuts and set restriction limit for all the three types.

The play store parental control settings are reliable and cut down a huge chunk of unnecessary content from your kids’ visibility.

3. Pinning apps

Pinning is, without doubt, a very innovative and unique android feature. Your kid will not be able to access any app apart from the pinned app. Pinning up ensures no more user profiles and ease of accessing good apps from the same parent profile.

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The process of pinning is simple;

  • Access the settings window, click on security and scroll down
  • Now, click on screen pinning.
  • Toggle the switch to enable screen pinning.
  • Do add a unlock pattern if your kids are smart to understand the screen pinning process.
  • Now, come out on the home screen and click on the overview button.
  • Select the opened app your child will use and tap on the three dots on the right corner of the screen.
  • Go ahead, and click on the Pin button.

Your child will not have access to any more apps but the one pinned. To remove the pinned app, hold the overview and back button together.

4. Parental control apps

Although Google offers specific parental control properties, parental control apps provide the actual package that not only monitors but restricts kids from any inappropriate content.

There are plenty of parental control apps for Android; however, these apps come with different functionalities required for different parental issues. If your kid installs unsuitable apps, you may need an app install blocker to control the habit. If your kid has more than ten games on his phone, maybe you need the screen time controller to cut down your kid’s gaming hours.

Let us see in depth what we can look in an Android phone parental control app.

How to put parental controls on Android Phone?

Android phones have in-built child safety techniques yet; there is room for some leeway that children can enjoy. Parental control apps fill the gaps left by Android phones. Many apps in the market provide child safety features for digital safety, but we recommend settling for a basic, easy to use app that can reduce your child’s content exposure and undesirable addiction.

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Have you tried the Bit Guardian Parental Control app yet?

There are specific features of Bit Guardian Parental Control app that offer protection from inappropriate actions on the smartphone:

  • App Blocker helps in restricting any inappropriate app.
  • App install block prevents installation of new apps.
  • Kiosk mode triggers new parental control launcher on kids’ phone
  • Time schedule cuts down excessive screen time by restricting apps during certain hours.

Apart from the blocking mentioned above, Bit Guardian also believes in overall child safety. The app employs GPS enabled location finder, geofencing, and speed alert functionalities, suspicious callers can be handled in the app, and to add a cherry on the cake, your child’s stolen phone can be tracked and located by the Anti-theft capability.

Bit Guardian parental control app is an all-in-one solution for digital parenting. The correct balance between mobile phone usage and daily routine can be maintained by using this app.

If you lean towards the worried parent category, then parental control apps are just what you need. Do not waste a single moment and install a parental control app now to ensure your child’s safety.

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