How Workout Apps can Change Your Routine Completely

If you take a look back at the major changes in the culture, you’ll see that smartphone technology had a lot to do with many of the changes. From being able to use Twitter and voice your opinion to purchasing coffee with the use of a code, there are so many benefits to using the smartphone. One of the fun features smartphones contain is the app store. You can download an app for just about any product or service. As people are working to become more health-conscious, more workout apps are making their way to the app marketplace. Statistics prove that fitness apps have grown over 330% in popularity in between the years of 2014 and 2017. There are so many reasons why you’d want to consider downloading and using your own workout app.

1. A workout app can help you set achievable goals.

Many people are used to the sedentary lifestyle. They spend long hours in front of a computer and don’t tend to squeeze in much time for daily workouts. So, if a person is transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one, it’s always helpful to have some guidance and encouragement. Too many people overestimate what they can do when it relates to working out. The New Year is the prime example. Countless individuals make resolutions to work out and drop copious amounts of weight. However, the key is to make achievable and realistic goals. Many workout apps will encourage you to type in your weight and desired weight loss goal within a specific time frame. If the time frame isn’t realistic or healthy, many apps will automatically display a warning to inform users to change it.

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2. A workout app can track your heart rate.

In gym classes, many teachers have taught students how to track their heart rate by putting their hand on their pulse and counting. However, it’s a lot easier for someone else to do the tracking for you. If you have your smartphone attached to your body while you’re working out, it’ll easily be able to tell you where your heart rate was during the workout. This is especially important for those who are looking to lose weight or maintain a specific weight.

3. A workout app can track your improvement toward certain goals.

If you’re using a workout app to learn how to run a 5K within a certain amount of time, it’s going to break down the steps. The app will inform you of when it’s a good time to start running and when it’s best to walk. As you alternate between these two intensities, you’ll be able to feel your endurance build. This will help you as you work to improve and meet each milestone.

4. A workout app allows you to monitor your diet.

In a study with a group of physicians, 93% agreed that fitness apps were able to improve a person’s health. This applies when a person uses the fitness app correctly. This is especially true in the area of diet. Diet plays a major role in a person’s well-being. Unfortunately, many thoroughly underestimate how much they consume on a regular basis. When you have to track everything you’ve eaten in an entire day, it’ll show you how many calories you really are consuming. Tracking your diet in a workout app is excellent for awareness and mindfulness.

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5. A workout app gives you tons of tips for free.

While the mobile health apps will reportedly bring in a revenue of nearly $50 billion by the year 2020, there are so many free features within most health apps. As you download certain free apps, you do have the option to upgrade and pay for specific features. However, if you wanted to enjoy the free options, there are so many tips and benefits found. If you have a person in your ear to prompt you when it’s time to pick up the pace, this is like having access to a free personal trainer. You can’t beat that.

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