Internet is being one of the most needed requirements when it comes to both home and office purposes. The day to day activity of every person in any part of the world is connected to the internet directly or indirectly. With the usage of instant messaging services such as WhatsApp, Facebook people use to communicate in real time with the help of internet. So, nothing can be possible now without Internet.

When we talk about Internet, we must also consider, the internet connection too. We must choose wisely which connection to be opted based on the speed and the requirement. Here we are going to see how we can choose a best internet connection or to choose a best internet provider based on the usage.

Choose a Best Service Connection Provider

Currently, there are a large number of internet service providers available in every country. Some providers are the same telecom providers where as some other Broadband based companies. It is not easy to find the best providers by just reading their offers. Since every provider give best offers, but when it comes to reality it won’t be the same. So it’s our decision what to believe and what not to.

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We can only analyze this by using each service once. But practically it is not easy. We cannot take every connection for testing and finalizing one at end. So we have to choose some other method for it. Let’s check what are the possible thing we can do before making a decision.

  1. Check for different providers and make a not of such provider who offers best offer as per our needs.
  2. Once you created a list of choice of providers, you need to do some research over the internet, you can read the reviews of each provider. You need to understand that for each and every thing, there will be good and bad reviews. So you have to consider the average of both positive and negative reviews.
  3. Also, try to check with your friends and relatives, and ask them about their experience with their provider if they are using one of them from your list.
  4. By this, you can shortlist some of the best provider to choose from. At this time one of the important things to be noted is the consistency in the speed of each provider. Each provider offers, different plan based on speed and usage allowance. But you need to make sure the speed that they offer is available. To check that, as mentioned above, you can contact your friends or others and ask them to make a speed of their connection. You can ask them to do it using any of the internet speed testing service such as SpeedCheck to get the speed.
  5. In most cases, the speed will be slightly different from the offered one, but that is normal. If you find a big difference, then you should note that, that will not be a good option to select.
  6. Now, you got the provider who provides the offered speed correctly. Next is to choose a best plan that fits for your usage. That will depend on the purpose that your are using. You can choose the speed and usage allowance as per the need to finalize the things.

Choosing the Best Fit Plan based on Speed and Usage

Speed and Usage allowance depends on the need. If you are a casual user who used to just browse over the internet and only use it for checking email and sending messages, then you
Don’t need to go for a higher pack. In that case, you can choose any basic plans which offer a speed between 2 to 5 mbps.

In the case were you wish to watch streaming content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos etc or even watch videos from YouTube or Vimeo, you should get a good speed plan that ranges from 10 to 30 mbps.

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If you are using for online gaming and all, you should go with top end plan that can give you maximum speed. Since online gaming uses a higher bandwidth because of its higher graphics and resources. Then you have to choose the plan with up to 100mbps speed.

As said before, both plan speed and usage depends on the needs and it will vary from each person. In all the cases, once a new connection has taken, the first thing you need to check is that, ensure you are getting what you selected. The main thing is the speed, that might vary, so do a Speed Check once you have your new internet connection ready.