How To Check the Motherboard on Your System

Do you know about your system motherboard and its model number? Or do you ever try out to find out what motherboard do I have in my system? We know there are some rare events when you want to know about your motherboard model.

Finding out the motherboard’s model and its serial number is not a challenging task. However, it would help if you had the proper guideline related to motherboard specifications and their properties. But it is not as easy to find out the motherboard as you can find the processor, RAM, and graphic card in few clicks.

However, if you have the proper guideline, it is also easy to find the computer motherboard model, especially if it is for gaming. Don’t worry. We are here to hold you back.

Here we will share the essential methods that help you find out the details of the motherboard quickly. But ensure that you follow every step and don’t bypass any point while reading this guide.

Find out the Motherboard by using the Windows Tools

If you have the old windows tools like window 7, then there are no built-in tools. For that windows system, you need to install some third-party software to find the motherboard manufacturer and model number.

However, if you have Windows 10, it has built-in tools that help you find the motherboard and its related information.

Furthermore, it also has two methods that are convenient to check the motherboard’s model number.

Find Motherboard with Command prompt


If you find it difficult to open the pc case, it has many cables and hardware. Moreover, it is a time-consuming task that is also difficult for non-technical personals.

So here is the easy and convenient method is to find the command prompt. It is a way to save you from the hassle.

It is the easiest way to find the motherboard information that you have in your PCs system. So here is the step-by-step method that helps you find the motherboard that you have in your system.
Open the windows search function and type CMD. Next, look at the bottom left-hand corner and tab enter on the CMD.

After opening the command prompt, type the “wmic baseboard get product, Manufacturer, version, serialnumber” and enter.

A dialogue box appears that has the motherboard manufacturer and model number.

Find about motherboard by using windows system information

Windows system information is another quick and convenient way to find out regarding motherboard details. Here is an essential thing to note: some system information may not be compatible with this method, so you need to find out other ways.

However, opening the windows system information using Windows 10 and R. runs the window open and requires the following action. So type msinfo32 and enter.

It will open the information dialogue box, and you will have the entire overview of your required details.

You can find your required motherboard and graphic card information in the form of Baseboard manufacturers, baseboard version, and baseboard product.

Again, remember that some systems may provide the information this way, so you need to run the other method mentioned in this article to find your motherboard.

Physically check the Motherboard Information

You always have an option to check your motherboard information physically. It is simple to open your system and check the motherboard manually without running any tool. However, it is the best option if your computer is not switching on for any reason and you don’t install it. It is not preferable to open the laptop and start disturbing other components as the computers have all the motherboard items.

Moreover, it is suitable for you if you want to customize your computer. Then you prefer to determine the motherboard physically.

According to experts, the best motherboard for Ryzen 7 3700x is one that suits your requirements. So check it manually before it is installed on your customized computer’s processor and menu.

Now, let’s find out the motherboard information by finding its location on the motherboard. Every motherboard has a different site to place the data. So it depends on the layout and brand of the motherboard.

Usually, motherboard manufacturers place the model name, serial, and related information where they have enough space to print the critical data.

Here are some preferable places where your motherboard may have the details below the RAM slot between GPU and CPU Under the GPU.

Moreover, every motherboard has a guide in which manufacturers mention its parts and their function. So if you don’t find the location of information on your computer motherboard, check this manual guide. Keep in mind that it is the most significant text you could find on your extra motherboard space.

Here is another place where you need to look at your motherboard

You can find the motherboard information in its box. Of course, you may not have the motherboard box near you.

However, if you have, it will provide the perfect information, including its serial number and model name.

You also find it on the back of the motherboard. But obviously, it is only possible for the professionals as they have the experience to open it and check it from its back.

Third-party software to find out what motherboard you have

Here is the advisable method to check the motherboard manufacturer name, serial number, and many more. There are some paid and some free tools to choose from many options regarding the motherboard matching information.

Find out the motherboard by using CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a free tool to find out the motherboard specifications like its manufacturer name, model, and many more.

First, check it through the cmd, but check it through the CPU-Z if it does not provide enough specifications. CPU-Z is free software that provides extensive computer hardware components, including chipset, GPU, CPU, and many more.

In addition, it will give detailed information regarding the motherboard number, serial number, baseboard serials, and many more. Download the program from the CPU-Z site.

Then, run the installed program on your computer to quickly analyze the components and identify every detail regarding hardware, including motherboard, graphic cards, GPU, chipset, and every other piece.

If you only want to know about the motherboards, select the particular tab by clicking on the Mainboard tab; after clicking a dialogue box open, including the baseboard serial number, chipset, model number, and many more.

Moreover, here are some other free tools to find out regarding the motherboard.

Belarc Advisor

If you want to find the serial number of your motherboard, then Belarc advisor is the best tool. Download it for free from the Belarc advisor website. It is a safe website that doesn’t send your detail to web servers—first, however, start-up the program to check the motherboards using the Belarc advisor.

Once you start to permit the software, then you will get all the information regarding the hardware. The scan results include detail about hardware components, login session, motherboard summary, and many more. For example, it is easy to get the motherboard details, including its serial number, clock speed, manufacturer’s point, model name, slots, and product type.

Final Verdict

By summing up the above guide, we hope that you have the right approach to finding out the motherboard you have in your system. Ensure that you follow the right method that suits best for your PCs.

Keep in mind that every computer has a different motherboard type and hardware to support the upgrade software. So, for example, window 7 will not provide the motherboards information by running the Command Prompt.

Moreover, don’t type the wrong words while checking through the windows operating system. Only type msinfo32 for reaching the right dialogue box.

Third-party software is also a great way to find what motherboard do you have on your computer. Use third-party software like CPU-Z and Belarc Advisor for getting detailed information.
We hope this guide is helpful for you in finding the motherboard details quickly for replacement and all other tasks.

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