How CloudReady Can Speed up Your Old PC?

Of late, you can find different types of software available in the market for boosting the speed of your Old computer. With so many options available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose a perfect and reliable one for sure.

You should note that the market is filled with lots of fake and genuine software and you should always choose them wisely. Do you have an old computer lying around your home? If yes is your answer, then it is the right time to bring them back to life with the help of CloudReady.

What is CloudReady?

CloudReady is an operating system that is mainly based on chromium os or simply Chrome OS. But it has the great benefit that it can easily on a plethora of older and new computers, essentially turning them into Chromebooks. It is helpful mainly for schools to be able to speed up their old computers and avoid sluggish machines while saving hard-earned money.

By using CloudReady, you would be able to transform your computers so that they will be simple to manage, secure, and will never slow down for sure. CloudReady will give you all the power of the web without the risk of the weight of traditional operating systems.

There are thousands of schools and companies all around the world prefer using only CloudReady for speeding up their old computers. These companies and schools worldwide use CloudReady to secure and streamline their devices when accessing VDI and web apps. CloudReady is available for Enterprise, Education, and Home use Purpose.

If you are a worker, a student, a parent, or just someone who wants a high performing device, then you can try the free CloudReady Home version. It has no cost, no tech support, and no management. You would be glad by knowing that it is free to use and you do not have to pay anything for using it.

How CloudReady can speed up your Old PC?

CloudReady Home Edition is the free and easy way to transform your old computers or Mac into a high-performing chrome device. There are two ways to build your CloudReady installer; Download the USB maker and create a USB installer manually. If are currently accessible to a Windows 7 or new computer, then you should download the CloudReady USB maker only without any second thought.

It is a wizard-based tool that would guide you through the entire process of making a CloudReady USB installer. The USB Maker will help you in saving your precious time and prevent issues. If you are not running a Windows 7 or newer computer, then you can create a USB installer manually.

How CloudReady can be installed on PC via USB?

If you are planning to install CloudReady’s chrome os on windows laptop or computer or take it for a spin, then you should start by creating a USB installer. The whole process is completely different on Windows than it is on Chrome OS and macOS and it would be better for you to use Windows for this step even if you are not ready to install CloudReady on a Windows computer.

If you are running a Windows computer, the first step is to download the CloudReady USB maker from Neverware;

  • Navigate to
  • Now you need to Scroll down until you reach the Getting Started with CloudReady Section.
  • Tap or Click “Install Home Edition” >> “Download USB Maker”

After downloading the USB maker, you can create the USB installer. It would be better for you to note that you need a 16GB or 8GB USB stick for this step. You are going to lose any data which is stored on the USB stick, so always back it up before you start creating your USB installer for sure.

You should note that Installing CloudReady will delete your original operating system and all of the files on your PC. After completing the process of installation, your PC will have a version of Chrome OS on it instead of the original Operating system.

Also, the rest of the vital data on your computer, including any videos or images you have already saved will be gone forever. Make sure you are backing up all of your files to the external hard drive or cloud before installing CloudReady permanently.

If your PC does not operate normally at the time of running CloudReady from the USB installer, then installing CloudReady permanently will not solve your problems. You should check all of your devices, including the touchpad, mouse or keyboard, Wi-Fi, and everything else functions smoothly. CloudReady is compatible with most computers, but hardware is not compatible with ChromeOS.

If CloudReady works smoothly on your PC, installing it is very easy;

  • First, you need to turn your computer on with the CloudReady USB stick already inserted
  • Now, you should wait for CloudReady to boot up
  • Click your “user” icon in the lower right corner of the system tray.
  • Click “ Install Cloudready”
  • You should read and agree to all warnings and wait for the finish of the installation process
  • After the completion of the installation process, you should turn off your computer and remove the USB stick. At the time of turning the PC on the next time, it will boot into CloudReady.


At last, the main reason to use this as a Windows Alternative is to ease of use. It is completely free for individual users who do not need Google Admin tools. It can help in speeding up your old computer into a new one and gives a better performance without any hassle to the users. PC or laptops with chrome runs very fast than any OS now.

The only major difference between the home version and the two business ones is it does not provide the technical support or access to Google Admin Console. You must have a Google account for using CloudReady on your computer. It has an incredible interface and you are not going to face any issues while using it for sure.

Just install it on your computer and share your experiences here with us right now!

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