Do you know that your Cloudready Chrome OS can unlock with a PIN? Although by default, all the Chromium-based OS includes ChromeOS, CloudReady OS uses a password to sign in. Since we are using the same Gmail password, it may sometimes be difficult to type in a lengthy password all the time.

No worry, ChromeOS or any Chromium-based OS provides PIN unlock option along with password unlock. So here, we are looking at how to enable PIN to unlock on CloudReady Chromium OS.

As mentioned, this step is the same for all Chromium OS, including ChromeOS on Chrome Book and CloudReady OS.

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Step 1: Once you already signed in, click on the Settings app. The setting app appears like a Gear Icon.

Step 2: In the settings page, click on People section from the left panel.


Step 3: You can see an option called Screen Lock in the right panel. Click on that.

Step 4: It will ask you for the password. Enter the password and proceed.

Step 5: Now, it will show two options

  • Password only
  • PIN or password


Step 6: Click on PIN or password and then click on SET UP PIN on the right side

Step 7: Now, a PIN setup page will popup. Enter your new PIN there, and the PIN must contain at least 6 numbers.

Step 8: Confirm the PIN, and you have done it.


Now you can sign in to your chromium os device with your PIN. If you want to change the PIN in the future, follow the steps, and in the place of SET UP PIN, you will get an option called CHANGE PIN. Click on that, and you can change it.

Note: The screen unlocks option with PIN will work when you try to sign in after a sign-out, or the device goes to sleep. If you reboot the system, it would ask for the password itself. So the PIN option will not work in case of system reboot or account switching. This feature in the Chrome OS was added as a security feature.

Is CloudReady a best OS?

Yes, if you are looking for a super-fast OS for your old PC, then CloudReady OS is the best option for you.

Can we get a CloudReady alternative?

CloudReady is a Chrome OS alternative, so we cannot find a direct alternative for CloudReady. Alternatively, you can try some Custom Android ROM for your Old PC or Laptop.