With a fascinating influx of many businesses into the online scene, live chat services have brought about utter convenience to customers and companies alike. Live chat service is a distinguished way of providing ample information, support, and guidance to customer questions.

One of the foremost goals of every company is to provide relevant services that will satisfy its clientele and cement its mission and vision. Admittedly, live chat is one veritable way to achieve all of this. Indeed, there are many reasons your customer service should include online chat, and we will highlight some of the industries that should include this.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have become quite commonplace in India. With the majority of the country’s youthful population having a hell of a great time at casino sites, a live chat service is rather a pressing necessity that every casino should have. This is a result of the fact that as long as casinos are involved, some concepts, bonuses, or games, will remain hazy and confusing. This will require prompt communication with a customer service representative to become clearer and more understandable.

Currently, a look at some of the best online casinos in India will reveal that they offer 24/7 live chat. With live chat, they have managed to remain at the zenith of customer services. As an online casino, if you don’t already operate a live chat, you are still behind hence, missing out on something important.

Real Estate

Real estate is one industry that’s propelled by trust, confidence, and authenticity. Having an online live chat service to back up pictures of sites, lands, buildings, and other real properties posted on your website is one way to gain the trust and confidence of your customers.

With a live chat service, you are able to book an inspection, negotiate going price and agent fee, and discuss some other things that would be difficult to discuss over the phone. Having a live chat service will reduce time and cost, as all necessary customer preferences are addressed before the inspection takes place.

Online healthcare

The healthcare industry has metamorphosed into a patient-informed atmosphere. That is, some patients have some clarifications that only a live chat support service can provide before appointments. Through live chat, patients can be followed up, and proper counseling sessions can be fixed between the hospital and patient. Most importantly, emergency therapy can be offered via live chat service in dire medical situations.

Travel services

For quite a long time, the travel industry is purely online-based, as all activities requiring booking flights, purchasing tickets, and booking accommodation are all performed online. According to Googel Trends, 74% of all travellers plan their trips online. Providing a live chat service has engendered increased communication and constant provision of customer-oriented services. With live chat, customers can get all detailed information regarding their destination as well as highlight the lacunas in the services provided to them, which will, in turn, help the company improve.


Live chat is undeniably one of the best things to happen to online businesses. Thus, as a company that operates it, do ensure you keep improving on your services to offer the best to your teeming customers. For the companies that don’t yet operate it, you have to incorporate it to provide efficient 24/7 services.

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