How to Transfer WhatsApp From Android to iPhone using iToolab WatsGo

Probably the most used messenger app, WhatsApp is a very easy and feature-rich app to use. It has got support for sharing HD images and videos, you can call via the internet(both audio and video), and you have the ability to back up all of your chats in case you get a new phone.

Now, you have finally bought the latest iPhone 15 you have always wanted. You have transferred your media and contacts from your old Android to your brand-new iPhone. But you forgot one thing: Your WhatsApp chats and media. So what do you do? On Android it’s pretty simple: Use your Google Drive backup when setting WhatsApp up on the new phone and restore it. But you can not use Google Drive backup to restore to an iPhone. So what is the alternative?

You try to use the Move to iOS app from the Play Store. But Move to iOS is generally not useful if you want to transfer a large amount of data from an Android to an iPhone. It could get stuck at any random point and is all around slow.

Also, there are a few caveats to this approach. If you’ve already been using an iPhone and want to transfer your Android’s WhatsApp data to the iPhone using Move to iOS, you will need to do something tedious: Perform a factory reset on the iPhone. See the issue? And even if you go through with it, if you haven’t performed a backup of your data to iCloud or a Mac, you will lose EVERYTHING.

Enter iToolab WhatsGo – WhatsApp Transfer app. This app allows you to seamlessly transfer your WhatsApp from your Android to your iPhone in just a couple of minutes. You don’t even need to perform a factory reset either! All you need are an Android phone, an iPhone, a PC or Mac, and the USB cables for both phones.

What’s the Need for You to Transfer Your WhatsApp From an Android to an iPhone?

You’ve bought a new iPhone 15. Now you want to use it as your daily driver, but you don’t want to keep your old Android phone just for WhatsApp. You need to transfer all of the WhatsApp chats and media. Or you missed a couple of backups, and the last backup was a couple of months ago. Maybe your Internet was down, and you could not back up your Whatsapp media. The reasons could be endless.

Whatever your reason is, WatsGo by iToolab is your quick and easy fix. WatsGo can transfer everything, including your starred messages, stickers, documents, statuses, links, and more!

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Your Android to iPhone?

You can transfer WhatsApp from old phone to new iPhone 15 in just 5 easy steps.

Download the iToolab WatsGo App, Install It, and Launch It

After downloading and installing WatsGo, launch it. After launching, select “WhatsApp” from the left panel and choose the “WhatsApp transfer” option. Click on Start.


Connect your Android and iPhone

Now, connect your source device(Android phone) and target device(iPhone) to the PC/Mac. If you need to switch between source and target device, just click on the arrows.

Note: Your computer may not recognize your device(s) unless you meet the requirements set by the computer.

For Android, the program will prompt you to open the USB debugging, and remind you to allow USB authorization on your phone.
For iPhone, you must tap on the “Trust” button on your phone if the phone is connected to the computer. Turn off “Find My” on your iPhone. Finally, unlock your iPhone using the passcode.


Enable End-to-End Encrypted WhatsApp Backup and Verify with Password

Now, after connecting successfully, turn on “End-to-End encrypted Backup” on your Android device. WhatsApp will show you the steps to continue with it. REMEMBER to take a screenshot of the encrypted password.



You will have to verify the encrypted backup with the password, once the backup is generated.


Generate WhatsApp Backup That Can be Restored to the iPhone

You are almost there! You have to wait for a while for the Android backup to be converted to iPhone format. After that, the backup gets restored to the target device(iPhone).


Transferred WhatsApp Successfully

When you see this page, it means that the transfer was done successfully. Now. you can enjoy all your chats on your iPhone, new or old, without having to format it! Your iPhone will reboot after completion, and you can make sure everything is intact.


How to Transfer WhatsApp From iPhone to Android Using Google Drive

“Hey, wait a minute! You said we can’t use a Google Drive backup to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone at the start of this article!” Well, yes I did, and natively, you can not do that. But that is where WatsGo comes in handy yet again.

Select the “Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive” option from the main page of the app.


Log in to the Google account you use to back up your Whatsapp data. Select which backup you need and download it.



The app will start to download your backup from your Google Drive account. It will take a few minutes.



View what is going to be restored using the “View Backup” button.


Now, you will have the option to choose what media should be transferred. Chats are transferred by default. You also get the option to back up all your WhatsApp data onto your computer.


Post a successful connection, the app will remind you to back up your data since it will be overwritten on the target device.


Here, after viewing your chats and media, you get the option to either restore the backup or export it to your computer.


If you choose to restore your Google Drive backup, just choose “Restore to Device”. Now connect your target device(iPhone) to your computer.


Now select what data you want to carry over to your iPhone. Text messages will be selected and transferred by default.


After waiting a few minutes, your backup will be transferred to your iPhone.


Your iPhone is now supposed to have all of your restored data transferred and ready to use.


What Are The Other Methods?

There are other methods that are similar to using iToolab WatsGo. You can transfer from the source device via a computer to the target device. Or, you can use a data cable to connect the source and target device to transfer directly. Or, you can use a completely different method by transferring your WhatsApp data via your e-mail.

There are many ways you can transfer your WhatsApp data from your Android to your iPhone. Let’s compare a few methods with iToolab WatsGo.

Using Move to iOS

As discussed earlier, you can use Move to iOS by downloading it on your Android phone and transferring your WhatsApp data to your iPhone. You have to make sure your iPhone is up to date, and both phones are on the same Wi-Fi network. Also, plug in both phones to a power source.

You have to open the app and enter the code shown on the Android phone.

After tapping “Continue” and selecting “WhatsApp” on the data transfer screen, you need to tap on “Start” and then tap on “Next” after the data is prepared.

Tap on “Continue”. Wait for the transfer to finish. After it is done, you will have to install the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone and log in with the same number.

Tap “Start” and continue on with setting up your WhatsApp. Your messages will get transferred to the iPhone.

You have to understand that to use this method, either your iPhone must be brand new or factory reset. If you have been using an iPhone and are transferring from an Android, then you will have to reset your phone, losing all previous data that has not been backed up to iCloud or Mac.

Using Wondershare Mutsapper

This is an app that allows you to transfer from an Android phone to an iPhone using an OTG data cable(or USB to Lightning for iPhone 14 series and below).

After installing the app on the Android phone, choose the “Android to iPhone” option.

Login to your WhatsApp using your phone number on the app. Your number will be verified.

Select the “Using USB-C to Lightning cable” option to transfer between phones without using a PC. If you wish to use the PC as an intermediary, select the “No USB-C to Lightning cable” option. Authorize when necessary.

The app will first parse your backup before transferring. After parsing, tap on “Start” to complete the transfer.

This method also allows a review of what is being transferred before continuing. It, however, does not allow backing up the data to a computer. For this, you can use Wondershare’s MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer. It is a desktop client that has a similar feature set to iToolab WatsGo.

Using Email Transfer

This is not a method by which you can transfer the whole backup data like media, docs, and links. This method should only be used to transfer important chats, as moving all the chats is a painstaking process. You only have the option to transfer one chat at a time. You can see how this is not a method used by most.

If you still want to do this, follow along.

Make a backup on your Android device. This backup will ensure no data is lost while trying to do the next step.

Now you have to uninstall, and reinstall WhatsApp on your Android device. This resets all preferences and settings.

Open WhatsApp on the Android device and do the initial setting up process. The phone number should be the same as the one you used for backing up. The backup will be detected by WhatsApp. Allow it to be restored by following the steps shown on the app.

Now, open a chat that you want to export. Since you can only export 40,000 messages, you would want to hold off on exporting media, as exporting media reduces the number of messages to 10,000.

Tap on the three dots on the top right side of the chat, and tap on “More”. From here, select “Export chat”.

Use Gmail(or your preferred e-mail, use Gmail if it is your main email) as the preferred option when the share menu pops up. The chat will be exported and sent to your mail on your iPhone.

Download the chat export from the mail

Now, the funny thing is that what you have exported from the Android and will receive on the iPhone is a .txt file. Which means you can not open the chat in WhatsApp. You will need a text/document reader but you can read the chats nevertheless.


To sum up the article, we can use iToolab WatsGo as one of the best options if you want to transfer WhatsApp data from your Android to your iPhone. It offers an easy, quick, and straightforward way to do so.

WatsGo allows one to transfer WhatsApp media, including voice notes, stickers, documents, links, audio, video, voice notes, statuses, and more. Now you don’t need to reset your iPhone every time you want to transfer WhatsApp data from your Android.

Unlike other apps that provide these services, WatsGo can transfer data between Android and iPhone and vice-versa, as well as back up to your computer at speeds that can not be achieved by using the Move to iOS app. It also allows for transferring with security, as was shown with the encrypted backup transfer earlier in the article.

Since it can selectively transfer data, you have complete control over what you want hogging your new iPhone’s storage. You can just allow the videos to transfer while blocking everything else. Since messages are always selected by default, you will not lose a single chat when transferring your WhatsApp from your Android to your iPhone.

Also, as seen earlier, the app allows you to restore your WhatsApp backup from Google Drive to iPhone, something that is not available natively. WatsGo also allows for transferring your now banned GBWhatsApp data back to your WhatsApp.

The transfer will take around 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the transferred data.

If your iPhone is not able to receive all of the media and chats, it may indicate that the storage is almost full. Or maybe a connection failed while you were transferring. Hence, it is important to always keep a backup locally on the source device and on your computer. You can continue transferring the rest of the data whenever you wish to.

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