If you have made a switch from Android to iPhone or even planned to migrate to iPhone from Android, the main issue you will face is with WhatsApp. Transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone is not so easy. In most cases, switching from Android to iOS may lose all the previous WhatsApp chats.

In this artcile, we will see some points related to that, including how to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, Can we move WhatsApp from Android to iOS in the official method, is it safe to move WhatsApp chat from Android to iPhone using third-party software, etc.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS / iPhone

When you switch from Android to iPhone, WhatsApp messages are the most important thing next to a contact. For most people, it is important to have all the previous WhatsApp chats when switching from Android to iOS. On Android, you may know that it was so easy to switch WhatsApp from one device to another.

If you purchase a new Android device, moving WhatsApp messages to a new Android device is so easy as it can be done with the Google Drive backup. On Android, WhatsApp backup was done both locally and online. Online backup was done with Google drive. In this case, when you are using the same google account on the new Android device, the backup can be restored automatically on the new device.

But in the case of transfer from Android to iOS, it is not the case. On iOS devices, the backup was taken to the iCloud account, and the encryption used in Android and iOS are different. Thus it is not easy to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS.

Why transferring WhatsApp From Android to iOS is not easy?

Both Android and iOS are entirely different operating systems, and the encryption technology WhatsApp uses with both platforms is different. WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption technology, and that the message canโ€™t be decrypted in between. WhatsApp works because the messages can only be encrypted between the sender and the receiver.

Thus using the different encryption technology on other platforms makes it more secure and trustable. As of now, due to this, WhatsApp is not offering any decryption mechanism officially to transfer the WhatsApp backup from Android to iOS. This, in turn, makes the transfer of WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS difficult.

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

There is no official method available to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. As per WhatsApp, to maintain the security and the trust towards the end-to-end encryption, they are not offering any official method to move WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. Since both platforms follow different encryption mechanisms. The transfer takes place only with the help of decryption which ultimately breaks the trust of end-to-end encryption.

Because of this reason, we cannot transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS officially. However, multiple services and third-party software can share the WhatsApp backup from Android to iOS. So, the only possible option available is to relay in third-party software to move the WhatsApp messages from the Old Android phone to the new iPhone if you are making a switch.

is it Safe to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone?

As mentioned above, the transfer of WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone can only be done with the help of third-party software. They do the job by decrypting the message and then transferring it to your iPhone. So the encrypted message or the backup message from the Android device is interpreted by the third-party software and then moved to your iPhone.

When we consider the safety, we can say that there wonโ€™t be any issue or it is not against any terms by WhatsApp, but the fact is that the encryption on the message is broken. It doesnโ€™t mean that that software is reading the WhatsApp messages. Those WhatsApp transfer software are from reputed companies and are trustable. But the only fact is that the end-to-end encryption got bypassed.

We cannot say that it is unsafe to do the WhatsApp transfer from Android to iOS using the software, but at the same time, we are not recommending the same as it is decrypting the messages.


It depends on the users. If you are concerned about privacy and wish to keep the message private, the best way is to keep the backup aside and start the WhatsApp on the new iOS device as a fresh install. It doesn’t mean that you need to delete WhatsApp and register again on a new mobile, You can simply register on a new device without deleting your WhatsApp account. On the other side, if the messages are not confidential and there is no critical information, you can try the transfer with any WhatsApp transfer software.

Also, note that those WhatsApp transfer apps are not free. You need to purchase or subscribe to transfer the WhatsApp backup to the iPhone from Android. To conclude the same, if you are OK to leave the old message or the backup aside and oke to start the WhatsApp on iPhone as a fresh install, then better to do that, rather than transferring using the third-party software.