From coordinating and planning projects and workloads to aligning project tasks and schedules, project management and planning can be pretty challenging. Unfortunately, poor resource management can also hurt your team’s productivity in profound ways. Whether it’s work overloading or under allocating resources, your employees are highly likely to experience stress, burnout, and reduced motivation. This eventually leads to reduced productivity and can cause lower quality deliverables.

As your most valuable asset, you should focus on keeping your employees motivated and productive to get the most out of them. Effective resource allocation can help ensure a happier and more engaged team, which results in improved performance levels and better employee retention. The best way to provide more effective resource management is using resource management software like Resource Guru. Here’s how Resource Guru can help you get the most out of your employees.

Balanced resource management

To deliver projects successfully, you need to keep your team engaged without under or overloading them with work. Resource Guru provides visibility into your workforce workloads, helping you identify overloaded and under-utilized employees. This way, you can know who is available for more work and who’s about to burn out.

Using the drag and drop feature, Resource Guru allows you to rebalance work and ensure equal allocation of resources. Evenly distributing workloads helps prevent your employees from underutilizing and overwhelmed, increasing their productivity.

Projects and schedules can change at any time, such as a deadline extension or scope changes. This resource management software allows you to streamline resource scheduling, accommodating crucial changes without burning out your workforce.

Pipeline forecasting

While handling multiple projects simultaneously can help your business stay competitive and profitable, it often leads to reduced visibility into what projects and resources are booked. Resource Guru allows everyone in your team to see an overview of finished, ongoing, and planned projects.

You also gain visibility into the new project opportunities pipeline, which is necessary for project prioritization and resources allocation. It also supports multiple users, so you can simultaneously use it with other project managers to get a better overview of available resources, bookings, and projects without stepping on each other’s toes. This helps minimize oversights and double bookings, so your employees can focus on completing the already assigned tasks.

Leave management

Taking time off from work has been shown to help manage burnout and boost employee productivity once they return to work. Therefore, implementing a holiday policy can help improve employee retention and ensure a more productive workforce. According to the EU Working Time Directive (EWTD), workers are entitled to a minimum of four weeks of paid holiday every year.

Resource Guru helps you track and analyze all personal time off with insightful reports to ensure you hit your targets from paternal leave to vacations. Using the leave management feature, you can easily record when employees need to take time off for any reason, whether it’s parental leave or sick time. Then, once you’re done recording, you can track it all with powerful reports.

You can even integrate with Zapier, Slack, Google G Suite, and other apps to keep your team updated regarding vacations and other time off. Not only does providing your workforce time off from work make them feel re-energized and productive, but it also helps them build loyalty to your organization and its values.

Effective communication and collaboration

Communication plays a huge role in the overall productivity of your team. Not only does it help employees understand their job responsibilities, but it also encourages transparency. Resource Guru allows you to schedule emails and use personal dashboards to communicate with your employees to keep them updated with their work. This way, you get to share critical information with your entire workforce for a single place to keep them on the same page.

Besides enabling effective communication, Resource Guru also ensures increased collaboration among your team members when completing projects. Working collaboratively helps team members know what they’re working on and the priorities of the tasks. This helps keep the employees focused while ensuring fast-paced delivery of services with minimal re-work.


Not only does employing resource management software like Resource Guru can make project planning simpler and less stressful, but it also boosts teamwork and productivity. From monitoring resources availability and tracking real-time progress to ensuring the right resources are available at the right time, you can always ensure even workload and resource allocation for your employees. This helps avoid overworking and underutilizing your employees, ensuring a happier, more productive workforce. This way, you prevent delays and increase the chances of success in your projects.

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