Imagining a life without a basic PC is hard these days. But, what is harder is that the PC suffers from poor sound quality and bad resolutions. There might be various reasons behind this, like using outdated display adapters and even missing out on the sound card.

The solution to this is a driver updater that will help develop a larger driver database. Driver Booster from IObit is one such updater that, by far, has helped more than 3,500,000 device drives and game components when it comes to promising and delivering top PC performance. After all, a large database is necessary to cater to the growing interest in gaming.

In simple words, Driver Booster is a free update program available for Windows. It helps in checking for outdated drivers and downloads in the hardware. So, if you wish to update them, you are one click away.

Also, while using the driver booster, don’t worry about security, authority, and authenticity. The manufacturers make the product run through a series of tests like the Microsoft WHQL test and IObit test to ensure that quality and smooth functioning reaches the audience.

What is the use of Driver Booster?

It is important to know the use to recognize whether this free driver update is great for your home or office workstation.


Driver Booster is helpful if your Windows have any outdated drivers and you wish to update them. These are essential piece of software that has an important role in functioning different hardware components and ensuring a smooth run. You can directly download the package from the program and also help to update multiple device drivers possible in a single click. The download or install is never a problem. It also helps update the network files in the offline mode, thus, adding to your convenience. Driver Booster also covers your driver restoration needs.

You can update the driver for free, which offers a high precision of driver matching and guarantees a continuously optimized scan logic following a unique and matching algorithm.

Also, the driver offers high security from the end of all supported drivers that have passed the WHQL tests and abide by the IObit Review Rules.
Also, this driver helps you with automatic download and installation.

Importance of Updating Drivers

Most PCs and laptops never spare a minute to introspect that the drivers might require updating and managing. It might work well with some of the drivers and updates, but in the long run, you will need a driver updater for the same. Outdated devices might create a problem, so it is better to use an advanced one to reduce the complications.

Driver updates are home to information that will be helping devices to communicate better in matters when there are security tweaks, elimination of problems, or bugs in any software that may hamper the performance enhancements.

Performance enhancement

In simple words, a driver booster will help in enhancing the performance. In addition, if any of the software connects the computer to connected devices, the system operations also experience their impact.

No need to locate or install drivers

With the help of automatic updates, this tool lends its support to your computer and maintains its ability to perform at the top level. It will eliminate the need for the user to locate or install the drivers. Whenever the device-makers release, updates are on the way. It promises security and the ability of the device to deliver a great performance backed with constant updates.

Features of Driver Booster

The driver booster supports a huge number of device drivers. Moreover, it enables your computer with the feature of an automatic reboot or shuts down whenever an installation process finishes. Therefore, it is important for the smooth and efficient running of the PC and laptops.


Also, you get an idea of the potential update, as the screen runs with the number of days since the last scan. With this, you can help check for the outdated components belonging to games like Microsoft DirectX Runtime. Also, you can check for tools that help resolve issues like fixing the sound errors, correcting the network failures, and fixing any resolution issues on the way. Also, the version number, size, and other details of the driver that require an update are present on the screen, and hence, the identification gets easier.

Here’s what’s new with the updated booster driver versions:

  • The database is huge and helps provide the matched updates with all the drivers.
  • The driver booster offers new support, choosing driver-update priority but keeping the latest drivers first or the most stable drivers first.
  • With the availability of updating and installing the drivers online, this free driver update functions well when there is an after system upgrade or install and even works when there is no network.
  • A new scan engine helps adopt a better logic when it comes to the requirement of a faster scan. Also, the data ends up being a more accurate driver-match in Windows 10. The new engine also helps enhance the speed of the driver’s installation process by 30% in the same operating system. There is a promise of a higher success rate.
  • The driver booster comes with a new driver backup feature that ensures a higher success rate when it comes to backup and restoration of the operating system.
  • When you update the driver for free, you get your hands on an optimized online database structure and query logic. It helps for a faster driver detection that is compact and precise.
  • Also, the new UI feature, as a part of the driver booster, promises a better interaction experience with easy, trustworthy, convenient, and simplified use.
  • Driver booster supports as many as 49 languages, and hence, many users can rely on this for expert use on their personal computers and laptops for regular and qualified updating.
  • Also, they have reliable experience of fixing the bugs in the software since its previous version.

Difference between Driver Booster Free and Driver Booster Pro

There are quite some differences between the free driver updater and the driver booster pro, owing to the features and presentability. Here is a comparative study:


Auto downloads, driver installed, and updates during the system’s free time.

  • Driver Booster Free – Not allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Boosts the game performance and stops any unnecessary process on the way

  • Driver Booster Free – Allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Easy fixing of errors for fulfilling the promise of a better performance

  • Driver Booster Free – Not allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Drivers passing the Microsoft WHQL test and IObit Review Test is only provided drivers with

  • Driver Booster Free – Allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Updating and installing the network drivers offline or in the absence of any network

  • Driver Booster Pro – Driver Booster Free – Not allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Update the outdated drivers with a single click

  • Driver Booster Free – Allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Auto-update for the latest version

  • Driver Booster Free – Not allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Automatic silencing of the notifications of a full-screen task is on the run

  • Driver Booster Free – Allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Free and constant support on demand

  • Driver Booster Free – Allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Unlocking the speed limit of the driver update

  • Driver Booster Free – Not allowed
  • Driver Booster Pro – Allowed

Pricing of Driver Booster

Now, when you are clear with the difference between the driver booster free and the driver booster pro, let’s have an idea about the pricing. If you plan to get the driver booster for three PCs, it will cost you an annual subscription of $22.95 per year. A monthly price of $1.81 will help you with the whole plan.

If this does not suit you, you can buy it in the form of a bundle’s part. The bundle is available inclusive of the IObit uninstaller pro. The smart defrag pro and the protected folder. This pricing plan is available at a yearly rate of $24.95 for one year, and the monthly plan begins at $2.90. So if you sit and compare, you might feel whether paying the extra $2 is worth it or not?


The inclusive plans and software utilities are an excellent investment for favorable and smooth functioning. So, paying a nominal amount of $2 will work in your favor only.

Also, if you are skeptical initially, you can go forward to download the trial version of this free driver update. The trial version is available on the IObit website. The trial version is valid for two weeks, that is 14 days. First, however, you should know that:

  • The trial version does not come with an automatic update driver option, even though the PC is non-functional.
  • The trial version limits the user from updating more and allows updating two drivers in a single day only. If you are not planning on buying the full version, this is a significant point to consider.

Here’s a better plan for you. The PRO version comes with a 60-day (2 months) money-back guarantee. So, why not avail this and see what’s in store?


While using the update driver for free, you restrict yourself from some useful features as part of the driver booster PRO. But, working in an updated software solution, the Driver Booster emerges as a clear winner. The usage is easy and stands out in competition thanks to its splendid and new-age features.