TikTok is quite a popular social media app, and its popularity doesn’t disappear soon. When creating your TikTok account, you must choose from a business or personal account. TikTok business account may be suitable for a brand to boost brand recognition and advertise itself. At the same time, a personal account is for social networking.

It’s easy and fun to use and helps businesses boost brand awareness without much effort, especially with the help of reliable TikTok organic growth services. However, there’s so much more that you need to know to pick the right one for your needs. This article will compare TikTok business and personal accounts to help you choose better.

What Are the Different Kinds of Accounts on TikTok?

Back then, TikTok had two professional account types, Creator and Business account. In addition, the standard personal account was separate from these accounts.

TikTok has merged creator and personal accounts into one, keeping the business account separate. Combining creator and personal accounts means that all individuals, be they celebrities, general users, or content creators, have access to all the same features.

What Is a TikTok Personal (Creator) Account?

A creator account on TikTok is also known as a personal account. It’s ideal for general TikTok users, public figures, and even content creators (influencers).

Pros of a TikTok Personal Account

1. Access to Regular and Commercial Sounds

Unlike business accounts, personal accounts have access to all kinds of sounds without having to fret about copyright. So whether you want to use regular or commercial sounds, you can use them and be creative.

However, business accounts are only limited to commercial sounds, which can hinder them from participating in all kinds of trends.

2. Private Privacy Settings

Personal or creator accounts can either keep their account public or private. Only approved users can view their content if they set the settings to private.

This is not the case with business accounts, where your profile will be public, and you cannot make it private.

3. Access to TikTok Creator Next

Personal accounts can leverage a variety of creator-specific programs, which can help them monetize their content and grow their earnings gradually. For example, you can get access to TikTok Creator Fund, Video Gifts, Live Gifts, and Tips that help content creators make earnings.

However, personal and business accounts can access TikTok Creator Marketplace to connect brands and influencers to create paid campaigns.

4. Access to Analytics

Personal accounts can view valuable metrics under the “Creators Tools” section to help you improve content for your audience. However, you can’t download the analytics data.

Cons of a TikTok Personal Account

1. Limitations to the Analytics Feature

We already mentioned that TikTok Creator accounts couldn’t download their analytics data. In addition, you can only view 60-day data on your app.
This way, you can’t share the data with your team and won’t be able to analyze your stats in the long run.

2. Native-Only Account Management

You can’t connect your account to third-party social media management tools. This limits you from planning and scheduling your content in advance, managing comments, and so much more.

What Is a TikTok Business Account?

A TikTok Business account allows businesses and brands of all sizes to advertise their products and services more effectively and conveniently with the help of advanced features available to them.

You can easily switch from a personal to a business account, which only takes a few seconds. Likewise, switching from a business to a creator account is also simple.

Pros of a TikTok Business Account

1. Ability to Connect Your Account to a Third-Party Platform

With a business account, you can easily connect your account to a third-party platform to manage your TikTok profile better while you take care of your business operations.

For instance, you can schedule content in advance, engage with your audience, and monitor your content’s performance.

2. Use of the Shop Feature

You can easily create your TikTok store by connecting your profile with your Shopify store. This way, all the products can be displayed on your TikTok, and interested buyers can be redirected to the Shopify store and check out.

3. Ability to Add a Link in Bio

Once you have earned 1,000 followers on TikTok, you can add a website link in your bio to drive quality traffic and boost sales.

Cons of a TikTok Business Account

1. Limited Library of Sounds

Business accounts can only use commercial sounds. However, not all trends use commercial sounds, which can limit you from using sounds to their full potential.

2. No Access to TikTok’s Development Programs

Unlike individuals with personal accounts, business accounts can’t access the Creator Fund or Creator Next programs.

However, you can still access TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, which makes it easier for brands to search for relevant content creators to promote their products or services.

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