Is TikTok Marketing Right for Your Brand?

TikTok is a phenomenally successful social network. It is the world’s most downloaded app, and its users spend an average of about 14 hours a month, and many more. This social network has a young, active audience and has long been an elective way to promote brands.

TikTok algorithms allow instant exposure to trends and consequently get significant audience coverage and hundreds of thousands of views without additional advertising costs. The platform’s main feature is artificial intelligence, which analyzes the interests of each user and selects content based on his tastes.

For business, TikTok is a real godsend. It helps to cope with such key tasks of promotion of the brand as:

  • First, forming the right image of the brand creates a positive image.
  • It helps to establish communication with the target audience.
  • Third, it increases trust and loyalty to the brand, using not primitive advertising but a more creative and memorable format.
  • Fourth, it increases brand awareness and attracts more audiences.

Promotion on this social platform is suitable for different types of businesses. However, the most advantageous is considered to be a B2C format. This format perfectly fits the beauty industry, sports, automotive business, mobile applications, goods, and services.

Because the number of constantly active users of TikTok is growing daily, the number of businesses that use this platform to develop its product is also continually increasing. And it’s not surprising that promotion in Tiktok takes much less time and often turns out to be more accessible, cheaper, and more effective than on similar social media platforms.

Ways to promote business in TikTok

The TikTok platform is suitable for many business owners. Still, it is worth considering that for the owners of B2B businesses, it is not too profitable, and the use of it, if you are working in this segment, does not make much sense. Coming back to the businesses for which this social media platform can help bring in new customers and increase brand or product awareness.

For these entrepreneurs, there are different ways to promote the brand in TikTok. Some universal tips will be relevant in any case. So even without the attraction of additional funds, the algorithms of TikTok will produce the desired results.

Targeted advertising in this platform appeared only in 2020 and worked initially exclusively with the U.S. market. Now it has become generally available, and since the audience growth on this social media platform is 8-10 times higher than on Instagram or Facebook, this platform is perfect for targeting.

So what are the universal tips to consider when promoting business in TikTok:

  • Carefully choose the content for your account (the following formats are popular on this platform; reviews, announcements, promotions, news, Q&A, reviews, and introduction to employees).
  • Note that on this platform, there is a list of topics and formats the administration blocks and bans users; such topics should be avoided (content 18+, scenes of violence, bullying, threats, spam, etc.).
  • Use all the application features and follow the trends. Use the functions of creating masks and remember that well-chosen sound accompaniment will help build a strong association with your brand.
  • Participate in Challenges and motivate your audience to participate in them. This will make it more loyal and help increase its volume.
  • Try to be in tune with your audience and analyze their age and interests; this will help shape your unique tone of voice and personalize your brand.

TikTok has a young and vibrant audience that loves colorful, vividly engaging, dynamic videos. Therefore, your video should resonate and have emotional content! However, do not forget that promotion in this social media network requires your activity, and you must often publish videos.

To promote your profile in the beginning, you should publish 3-5 videos every day at intervals of several hours. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare the content in advance. Also, do not forget that this platform likes active interaction with users, responding to comments, and communicating with the audience.

Additional business opportunities when using TikTok

By expanding brand awareness and therefore increasing the loyal audience, TikTok can be a platform on which it is convenient to use lead magnets, which are very helpful in various areas of the business to make it so that the customer would come back to you again and again and make a purchase of your product choosing it among competitors.

A lead magnet is a bonus that a user gets when he clicks on a link; sometimes, it has a form built in that the customer left his contact information, and then the brand can contact him to report on promotions and advertising offers. This allows you to expand your customer base and not let the consumer forget about you.

This is a classic marketing tool that can be competently built into the work of this modern media platform. For the convenience of entrepreneurs, there are lead magnet templates that simplify the work from the design point of view, guaranteeing a quality result. This is a working option to get a hot customer base interested in your product and then keep in touch with it.

However, the main feature of TikTok is the format. After all, the entire content of the social media platform consists of short videos shot as part of various Challenges and flash mobs. That is why they quickly become popular and circulate the network, while many enticing users to participate in creating content.

According to statistics, users spend about two hours a day on TikTok. Furthermore, brands and opinion leaders try to conquer the popular platform and get free high coverage. Therefore, it’s wrong to think that TikTok is used only by children; there are many solvent audiences.

Although it started its development not long ago, this social media platform has already conquered millions of users and attracted many brands and businesses. So when accessing this social media network, you should consider that your content should be high quality and pay attention to such things as:

  • The background and quality of the seeds.
  • The regularity of the posts.
  • User feedback.
  • The use of branded sounds, hashtags, and masks.

Promoting in TikTok will be ideal for businesses whose audience uses it. The main thing is to use a creative approach to create videos. You can always ask the professionals in the industry who help to do it quickly, efficiently, and easily if you doubt your abilities. Proper use of this social media network will surprise even the most sophisticated brand owners.

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