Tips for Creative Graphic And Instagram Designers

Using the correct Instagram tips, expert graphic designers can convert their dull feed into an interesting activity board. Today, no one uses Instagram only as an image-sharing app. It is a potent tool for creative graphic designers to experiment with multiple disciplines for showcasing their work to a broad audience.

Riding the Instagram wave

Knowing how to tap onto Instagram’s increasing popularity and expanding community has its benefits for illustrators, artists, and expert graphic designers. Are you a graphic designer with an Instagram account? If yes, then having a huge audience or follower base will automatically help you reap many benefits.

Are you chasing likes? While there are other crucial activities to make Instagram work in your favour, “likes” are also important. There are service providers and websites that help you procure likes. To know more about this, you can check those services.

The crucial tips for graphic designers on Instagram are:

1. Share the working process

Graphic designers should share their client works, best projects, completed animations, behind the scene work moments, and the like! It makes the news feed more interesting and adds a human element. Add breakdowns of animated demonstrations to highlight how a specific piece got made. People often scan Instagram to find out talent. And when you have posts related to your work, it can draw in a potential client. Your expertise might be something that most clients are looking for.

It’s best not to maintain a rigorous and rigid posting routine. Share spontaneously as often as you can, when you feel energized about something or a project. It helps to avert the “tumbleweed” moments.

2. Claim your space

Most creative artists and illustrators use Instagram without inhibitions and rigidities! They stick to easy and simple color pallets, tight linework, creative grids, and interesting characters.

The best tip for expert graphic designers is to trust your instinct while sharing your work. Some graphic designers use Instagram, much like their personal sketchbook. They use Instagram Stories to make creative and quirky posts as well.

Even though likes matter, but you shouldn’t get obsessed with it! That way, you lose out on the creative aspect of the post. Graphic designers can share their work mistakes, the completed works, and short video content describing their idea behind a design and how they are attempting to accomplish it. That would interest many viewers and can lead to an increase in follower count as well.

3. Choose a theme and be loyal to it

Expert illustrators don’t encourage graphic designers to create a very rigid strategy for visual content or news feeds. The trick here is to stay consistent. That alone would suffice to nurture an audience and help in growing more followers.

It is essential to interact with the audience at large and generate content that is in complete sync with your work ethos. Hence, it’s a smart call to choose a distinct theme and then keep attending to it through repeated posts.

And while doing so, you can bring in out of the ideas and concepts. That way, your audience acceptability will be more. It will help you to grow your online audience to an increased count for about six months. The objective is to stay true to the subject matter and core of your graphic design projects and themes.

And as you post these, you can add humour and other elements as well. It will help to lighten up the general mood of your news feed. Also, people will view you as a light-hearted person who knows his/her know-how and is serious about the job.

4. Don’t over-perfect and connect with your audience through live sessions

Graphic designers are often obsessed with their work! And they seek perfection in every post they want to make. It is especially so if you have a business account, and you want your posts to have no mistakes.

However, it is essential to know that people today love real and life-like posts. You can take a picture of you working on the laptop and a shot of your new design on the go and make the most. That will have its relevance and the real, human element as well.

Also, take the time out to make live sessions with your followers. Talk about topics that they want you to address and engage with them. It will help you to keep your followers interested in you and also grow your follower base.

Increasing your Instagram engagement needs smart initiatives! It would be best if you are precise and passionate about all that you do. Even though you need a little bit of essential planning, make sure that your post looks spontaneous and real.

Use the necessary hashtags so that the post reaches the required target groups. Reply to comments and interact whenever required. Ensure that you don’t lose focus on your job and share relevant posts related to graphic design and yourself.

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