Instagram has more than 1 billion monthly active users, and this phenomenally popular social media platform has proved to be an amazing marketing tool for e-commerce businesses if utilized properly. Even though Instagram has been gaining traction rapidly, it is still quite easy to boost your followers and even reach your precise target market organically on Instagram, the most popular visual-oriented social networking site. You may certainly look for an Instagram growth service to grow rapidly.

It implies that all businesses are predominantly visual. Having a hip and youthful brand would target the millennials. Instagram is just the ultimate destination for those young and hip brands that are in the quest of engaging and grabbing the attention of the millennials. So, let us explore some effective strategies for effectively leveraging the power of Instagram to help e-commerce businesses to grow and prosper.

All Posts Must Necessarily Reflect the Image of the Brand

As per Forbes, “Instagram is all about the aesthetic. The images should be impeccable, as should the feed, so it’s important to plan out your feed strategy and then publish photos accordingly. For example, many companies will alternate images from a product shot to a lifestyle shot, or will pick one filter that they use across the board.” No matter what precisely your artistic vision is, you have to consistently stick to it to ensure that your Instagram feed conveys a compelling story. Moreover, each post must reflect the actual lifestyle of the targeted client. This strategy could bring in more followers for Instagram.

Follow a Well-Defined E-Commerce Stratagem

You must have a well-defined stratagem, as that is important in e-commerce content marketing. You must give it a thought and consider all the associated factors before coming up with a well-considered plan of action. That is simply because most other kinds of marketing rely on algorithms that could be gamed to a certain extent. This is certainly not the case with people. You must focus on creating high-quality content regularly. Otherwise, the e-commerce marketing strategy is bound to be a super flop. Content marketing involves both commitment and time for it to work successfully.

Utilize Apps for Coming Up with the Most Effective Instagram Feed

You must use cutting-edge third-party apps for managing your time efficiently because maintaining and growing an Instagram account could prove to be time-consuming. Experts recommend social media planners such as Later and Planoly that lets you arrange the overall look of the Instagram feed simply by using the drag & drop characteristic that is very helpful in generating a visually fascinating layout before posting. Third-party apps can be used in such a manner that would be compliant with the terms and conditions of Instagram.

Utilize Instagram as Predominantly a Sales Channel

It is not easy to turn Instagram into an active sales channel since it is often not that easy to link to other websites. However, you need to make the most of efficient services like Inselly, Instaorder, Soldsie, and even 10sec. That has facilitated sales.

Alternatively, you may think of incorporating links into your descriptions. We know that Instagram may not recognize all these. However, provided you ensure that they are adequately short for individuals to transport them over easily to new windows, that would hardly be any inconvenience.

Allow Your Users to Generate Your Content

The modern generation expects more significant social interaction, particularly with their chosen and favorite brands. Therefore, you must allow them to incorporate their photos on your page. This implies that if clients are happy with your brand, they could post pictures of themselves flaunting the outfits or using the accessories. That would surely please the customers and at the same time create free advertising.

Run a Contest

Generally, consumers love contests, particularly if they are allowed to vote and participate. You need to boost engagement and generate a huge amount of followers so that everyone comes to know about your contest. They are offered a wonderful prize to ignite people’s interest and imagination. You must never think of skimping on this. A voucher is not good enough. Think of something grand.


Posting photos on Instagram is certainly free. Therefore, you must not focus on posting only sales photos. You could incorporate mood shots that demonstrate clearly how cool your brand is. You may hire an expert photographer so that he can click a whole lot of pictures just for you. You could post these photos gradually over time while posting all your actual products. Top-quality photos are enough to make your present customer base acknowledge you as something more as compared to merely a product-pushing site.

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