Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms that is liked and used by all types of creative people to share their pictures and videos and win Likes and comments on it. This purely visual social media channel is the best way to present your creative work or even your business brand or product in front of millions of unfamiliar eyes. Therefore, it will have a huge impact on the recognition and reach of the brands, creative work, or services.

The most significant difference between Instagram and other social media channels is that it serves much more than a simple tool for interacting with different brands and friends. Instead, it is the most effective tool for engagement with users and for starting a conversation to create a larger and better community of like-minded people while advertising your work, expertise, and talent at the same time. Ideally, this is a platform that will put you into a win-win situation.

Now to make the best use of this platform and enjoy all its inherent benefits as a graphic designer, you will have to make the best use of the tools that it has on offer for you. One of the most significant tools to use is hashtags. Knowing more about the hashtags will enlighten you about their importance and help you as a graphic designer.

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A brief history

Hashtags were first introduced to the social media world way back in 2007, but even in these ten years, most people find them very confusing and even unnecessary thing to use. However, it will help you maximize your online exposure and make your mobile marketing campaign more productive when you use it correctly.

  • If you have even the slightest idea of SEO in website ranking, you will be able to compare a hashtag as the search engine optimization for the social media posts. That means, if you use the right hashtags, you will be found more by the users.
  • different platforms use hashtags, but Instagram happens to be the most popular among all, and there is no prize for guessing the right reasons for it.

However, selecting the right hashtags and using them for your specific purpose is the most daunting task as a graphic designer. It is for this reason you will need to follow an Instagram hashtags cheat sheet so that you can make the most out of it.

Proper hashtags with your posts will not help you get the most followers, but you get more engaged followers to ensure success. It is the key component of ensuring audience engagement.

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Why use hashtags

There are several reasons for using hashtags with your posts, but there are several things to consider before you attach a few with your posts so that you can use them like a pro in popular sites like Gramblast. So start with knowing a few facts and the reasons to use hashtags with your posts.

  • According to a study, it is found that those posts that have even one hashtag to the least usually have 12.6% more engagement on an average as compared to those which does not.
  • Hashtags are the next essential tool to get the most followers to your post apart from the quality graphics that you must post in the first place. This is because it will help your feed be discovered more, and most importantly, it will allow other users to follow the same topic and stories of interest.
  • On research, you will find that there are several popular Instagram hashtags for designers to use and become #InstaFamous. In all, you will see that there is a proper and healthy mix of broad tags as well as niche tags.
  • Popular hashtags may expand your reach to the audience, but it is only a specific hashtag that will ensure greater engagement.

Ideally, it is not only about graphic designing, but it is simultaneously important is just about all different personal branding techniques that use of proper hashtag is made. In the olden days, it was enough to design an attractive business card for effective marketing. Still, in this modern and faster digital epoch, you must have a better presence online. It is by using specific and relevant hashtags that you will be able to inform and engage more like-minded people in the social media community and not just with your designs.

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This cross-hatched symbol has a few other significant reasons for its use. These are:

  • It acts more than a mere number to establish better communication
  • It helps in signifying the theme of your content easily and quickly with just a couple of words
  • It can be used to tag a group of people on a common topic
  • It helps in a faster and proper search becoming a hyperlink to your posts and
  • It signifies a thought or expression

As a graphic designer, you must learn the essential design skills and educate yourself on how to communicate with others and get them to share your designs and like your work and eventually become your clients.

Graphic designers use hashtags specifically for a few specific purposes such as:

  • To build self-image
  • To share portfolio and resources
  • To post tutorials
  • To join chats
  • To form networks
  • To track updates
  • To follow influencers
  • To watch peers
  • To strengthen authority and
  • To boost social media marketing.

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Also, follow the weightage of hashtags going through different studies as different studies reveal different results. Some say:

  • Some say we should not use more than 7 hashtags, or it may be perceived as spam
  • Some others say it is best to use anything between 8 and 11 hashtags to cover most of the topics
  • Some other studies suggest that you must post hashtags on the first comment of your photo.

Therefore, put in some time to look through the works of different marketers and designers to discover the best Instagram hashtags. Then, you can mix these different hashtags with your own or use the best one alone.

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