We all have heard about YouTube and have used it at-least some point in our life. YouTube is not only a social platform anymore; it has become one of the biggest platforms for multiple needs. We now have access to multiple kinds of videos. Be it informational, entertainment, tutorials, and whatnot.

YouTube has even become a great source of earning money. Depending upon a certain number of likes and subscribe YouTube will actually pay you money. Pages are there who have become so famous through this platform, that they have earned celebrity status and are loved by everyone.

So, if you also have a passion to become a YouTuber and if you want to promote your channel in the digital world effectively, then you must consider several important aspects in the light of this matter. Creating a YouTube page and performing video promotions is a creative way of presenting your idea to your target audience.

The thing we read we often forget but the thing we visualize we often remember for a longer time. It is our common human nature that we remember things that we imagine with our own bare eyes.

Creating a YouTube channel and promoting your videos there might sound easy, but it’s a job that needs a lot of patience and techniques to follow. Which we are going to discuss here in this article.

Now, the matter of fact is how you can convert this human behavior into a habit. You need to follow specific steps regarding this matter to promote YouTube videos in the best possible way.

Different Ways to Promote YouTube Channel

There are multiple ways that you can apply to promote your YouTube channel in the most effective way. There are several ways you can use to perform the task most effectively. Therefore, let’s explore the ways one after the other to get a better insight into it.

1. Creating a good profile first

Creating your own YouTube page and videos might be very interesting but it should not be done in a hurry. Take time and create a profile that looks complete. Fill-up all the information that is necessary.

Give an appropriate profile picture to your page. Keep in mind that the profile picture should be authentic and non-plagiarized. Otherwise, you can face serious copyright issues.

An incomplete or broken profile will create a very bad reputation for the audiences and won’t give you the desired result. So, make sure that your profile is complete and it looks good.

2. Giving Appropriate Video Title

The most important aspect of making a Youtube video is to make the appropriate title of your video. The title is the most important feature of any video. It is the most relevant line that creates the bridge between your videos and the audiences. So, you should do very good research work before ensuring the title.

If you want to promote your YouTube video most effectively, you must select your labels in the best possible ways. To make the right titles of your videos correctly. The videos’ titles are the most crucial ones that will help you grab your target audience’s attention.

You can do proper keyword research to find things that people are searching for. You must consider crafting a great title around that.

Let’s explore some of the best ways to create titles that will help you spread your brand message in the right way.

  • You must keep your titles short and to the point.
  • You can use the current year notification in the tag.
  • You must make it attention-grabbing for your viewers.
  • You can include the keywords at the beginning of the title.
  • Make use of powerful words to make your title attractive.
  • You can capitalize your headlines or the titles.
  • You can make use of the emotional trigger words.

3. Video Tags-Utilize the 500 Characters limit

Tags are also one of the most important matters subjected to YouTube videos. Tags are basically words or phrases that are used to best describe the video. Tags could be about the description, category, topic, and many more. Tags are the keywords that can bring traffic to your page or videos.

One of the biggest mistakes that YouTubers make that hinders the growth of YouTube Promotion is causing the incorrect use of tag promotion. Tagging on YouTube works differently. Tagging in the blog post and YouTube is not similar to each other. There are some differences that you must maintain from your end.

There are some of the specific rules that you must use for YouTube Video tags like

  • You must use the unique branded tags so that your tags are shown in the YouTube videos.
  • You can make use of the main keywords as the video tags.
  • You can make the variation of your keyword as a tag.
  • You can make use of the high-ranking videos to create your videos. You can find the tags; the others must use them.

4. You Can Make Use of The Custom Thumbnail

You can use the verified YouTube accounts to make the proper use of the custom thumbnail feature. A good video thumbnail can help you stand out from the suggested & related YouTube Video section.

Here are some of the essential thumbnails that you can use for your YouTube Video.

  • The videos have a resolution of 1280x 720.
  • You can upload in either form like that of the JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP.
  • You may keep it under 2MB.
  • You can keep the aspect ratio in the form of 16:9.

You should not get confused by the technicalities. Ensure that both on the desktops and in the mobile devices it works well. You are the owner of your YouTube channel, and the most crucial aspect here is the top 10 YouTubers in India are using the same technique.

5. You Can Make Use of Intro & Outro for The Branding

There are a few forms of branding things that you must take care of; you must ensure that every video must stand out. One of the best things here is to use the right amount of intro & outro.

YouTube Intro: You can share your videos within 3-5 seconds in your branding process at the beginning of your video.

YouTube Outro: These videos you can run at the end of your YouTube videos for your channels for making the users like and subscribe to the videos.

Most famous entrepreneurs of the world use this technique to spread their brand message utilizing this technique in the right manner. You can develop your strategy using this technique to establish your brand image in the right direction. Do not make any mistake that can ruin your effort for handling things.

6. You Can Share Videos on Social Media Channels

You must possess social media properties if you are a video blogger for your YouTube Channel. It will help you create your community outside your YouTube to create direct traffic from some popular social media channels.

There are some of the famous sites that will help you to promote your YouTube videos effectively.

  • Twitter Profile.
  • Facebook Page.
  • Pinterest Profile.
  • Instagram Profile.

You can quickly use social media channels to promote your YouTube Videos in the most effective manner. It can help your brand to grow further in the right direction. You cannot consider things for granted here.

Add your website if you have one

Creating a YouTube page or videos and optimizing it following these steps would definitely give you a better result. But you can take the benefits one step further. If you have a business-related YouTube page and if your videos get a lot of views or likes then, you can even drive that traffic to your business website if you have one.

This will boost your business in a much positive manner. Although if you don’t have any website but want to create one, then that is also easy. First, do some research and take a look at some best website builders.


Hence, if you are an aspiring YouTuber, you must concentrate on following the above strategies while promoting your brand in the right direction. Ensure that you have the following the proper techniques while you are promoting your brand on YouTube. Your videos must be interactive so that Your target audience can connect their thought process with your videos.

You must consider making the right videos that serve your brand owners’ informational requirements to develop your business strategy in the right direction. You must make your decisions in the correct order to gain full access to your client’s aspirations. Your videos must have the power to connect with your target audience.