Want to get more customers and traffic? You need content. And lots of it. Content marketing seems to be the most effective way to build a brand and expand it beyond imagination in the digital age. Every successful business has a strong content marketing strategy that includes optimized blog posts, social media posts, video marketing, podcasts, etc. There’s no shortage of articles on using Instagram for business or the fastest way to build an email list on the internet. We shall dive into video content, specifically YouTube marketing and the use of YouTube cards.

What should I know about YouTube Cards?

Good question. Considering that YouTube cards are a valuable addition to your YouTube videos and your YouTube marketing strategy, you should know what they are, how to add them, and useful practices to keep in mind while using them.

How do you define YouTube Cards?

YouTube cards are a name given to interactive cards that appear at the end of YouTube videos, displaying links you can click to find relevant content. The point of a YouTube card at the end of the video is to give the viewer a clickable Call-to-Action (CTA). The most common CTAs are subscribing to the channel, visiting the official website, watching the rest of the series, or playlist that this video is a part of, buying a product or course on sale, and so forth.

Here are the primary types of YouTube cards you may add to your YouTube videos:

  • YouTube cards for videos or playlists to promote your videos
  • YouTube cards for channels to promote another channel.
  • YouTube cards for donations to showcase a cause of your choice and encourage people to donate
  • YouTube cards for a poll to get viewers to participate in a multiple-choice poll
  • YouTube cards for a link to an approved website external to YouTube

How can you add YouTube Cards?

Now that you know what YouTube cards, here’s a simple tutorial you can follow to start adding YouTube cards in no time.

  • Head over to your YouTube video manager, open the YouTube video you want to add your YouTube card to, and select the edit option that you will find below the video title. You will find an option that says ‘Cards’ on the top.
  • Select the ‘Add Card’ option and click on create. Proceed to choose the type of YouTube card you wish to add from the ones given and enter the vital details like Channel username, URL, custom message, Teaser text, and so on.
  • Once you add your YouTube card to the video, you can choose when you want the card to appear during the video. You need to drag the YouTube card to the point in the video you want it to appear and place it there. You may include four additional YouTube cards to the video once you set up the first YouTube card. Ensure the YouTube cards appear precisely when you want them to in the video before you post it.

Using YouTube Cards in your YouTube videos – How do you do it?

You know what YouTube cards are and how to add them. How to use youtube cards? Here are some of the most efficient ways of using them in videos:

Use YouTube Cards to direct your viewers to another video in the series

You can post long videos and films, which means you can create as many playlists and series as possible. Using YouTube cards to redirect viewers to other videos and playlists on your channel is an excellent way to increase your viewership. This way, you make sure that your viewers don’t miss a video, you get more viewership, and your visitors can get more value out of your videos, which will lead to more visitors by referral. Using YouTube cards this way is a vital cog of your YouTube marketing strategy.

Use YouTube cards to get viewers to interact

Audience interaction is critical to get engagement, viewership, and in turn, expand your brand. You can use YouTube cards to hold polls and engage your audience and get their feedback. This allows you to boost your viewership and improve your content.

Support a Non-Profit Venture you believe in

Featuring a non-profit venture that you believe in can help build your business’ reputation, showing people that you aren’t worried solely about selling your brand. This can lead to significant results in the long run. Most YouTubers tend to worry about amassing new followers, new leads, and making loyal subscribers out of them. Using YouTube cards to support a cause is an excellent thing to do.

Use YouTube cards to get people to look up other influencers who are featuring your products and brand

Influencer marketing happens to be of the best ways to draw attention to amass attention. You can use YouTube cards to feature industry influencers and direct your viewers to their respective YouTube channels and websites.

What are some useful YouTube practices to incorporate?

You can incorporate the following practices as you make YouTube cards for your videos:

YouTube cards work best towards the end of the video. You can use YouTube cards to direct viewers to other videos or other playlists on your channel as they finish watching your video.

YouTube cards are most effective when they are relevant to the video. Using a YouTube card to direct visitors to a page or video related to this one can help establish context and reduce the viewer’s chances of closing the video after the first few seconds. It is vital to bridge the gap if there’s no context.


There you go – if YouTube marketing interests you and you want to optimize your YouTube marketing strategy, this article should help you get started with YouTube cards. You should know by now that they are an integral part of your YouTube marketing strategy.

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