In the world of modern content creation, YouTube is an ever-expanding platform. This global platform features billions of videos that are vying for attention. As a result, new and small YouTubers often face challenges in reaching their target audience and growing their channels effectively.

However, with such struggles, TubeBuddy enters the picture. TubeBuddy is a popular YouTube SEO Tool that plays a significant role in YouTube channel growth. But the question is, “How TubeBuddy Helps to Grow YouTube Channel”?

Many emerging and established YouTubers swear by TubeBuddy for their significant channel growth. This tool empowers video creators with time-saving features and data-driven insights. TubeBuddy enables video optimization, keyword research, competitor analysis, streamlined thumbnail, and more.

Join us in this article as we explore the significant role TubeBuddy plays in the growth of a YouTube channel. This all-in-one resource will help you emerge as a YouTube content creator while reaching a more extensive audience base.

Let’s start delving into the world of TubeBuddy and learn how it can transform YouTube Channels.

What Is TubeBuddy? Everything You Need To Know

TubeBuddy is a comprehensive toolkit designed to empower video content creators and enhance their YouTube experience. This SEO tool features a user-friendly interface and enables seamless integration within YouTube. In addition, TubeBuddy comes with multiple powerful features and functionalities that assist different kinds of YouTubers.

TubeBuddy is known for offering invaluable insights and data-driven solutions to YouTubers. It offers quick and easy keyword research, optimizes SEO, and helps in thumbnail generation and competitor analysis. It also comes with the CTR Opportunities feature, allowing YouTubers to identify videos needing improvement. Whereas its comprehensive analytics offer valuable performance metrics.

TubeBuddy simplifies channel management. It enables YouTube creators to bulk update their video descriptions and schedule uploads. TubeBuddy is so helpful that users can even translate titles and descriptions into multiple languages per their requirements. It also comes with collaborative features that allow seamless communication and enables sharing of channel data with team members.

The best part about TubeBuddy is that it comes in various plans. This toolkit is tailored to different needs and budgets so that every creature can utilize its benefits. It is a must-have tool for any YouTuber who wants to benefit from its extensive suite of features and maximize their channels’ growth.

TubeBuddy Latest Specification

  • Version: 1.45.1387
  • Updated: 26 May 2023
  • Size: 20.78MB
  • Language: English (United States)

TubeBuddy Features

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Tag Explorer
  • SEO Studio for insights and recommendations
  • Video A/B Testing
  • Bulk Processing Tools
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Suggestions For the Best Time to Publish
  • Thumbnail Generator and Editor
  • Channel Health Report
  • Brand Alerts
  • Comment Formatting/ Moderation
  • Content Calendar for Topic Planner
  • Advanced Videolytics
  • Auto Translator
  • Social Monitor
  • Channel Valuation
  • Demonetisation Audit

How To Use TubeBuddy To Grow YouTube Channel?

Using TubeBuddy is a straightforward process. First, users must install the browser extension and utilize its various features within their YouTube platform.

For more ease, here we have prepared a Step-By-Step Guide on using TubeBuddy To Grow YouTube Channel:

On Chrome,

  1. Start by visiting the official TubeBuddy website. (Here, you can install TubeBuddy for free and even download its browser extension for platforms including Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.)
  2. tubebuddy-1

  3. Once you click on the ‘Install Free Now’ tab, you will be redirected to the page where you can add the toolkit to Chrome.
  4. Then click the Add to Chrome button, and a file will be downloaded at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Now, visit your YouTube channel, and you could see a small TubeBuddy icon at the top right side of the screen. Click on that icon; here, you need a channel login for verification.
  6. Further, click the “Sign in with YouTube” button. So, you can access TubeBuddy right in the YouTube interface. And click the Allow button (at the bottom of the screen) to allow access to TubeBuddy to view your YouTube Analytics report and manage your account.
  7. Finally, head over to your YouTube dashboard, and here you will observe a new layout ready to use. You can now start exploring the TubeBuddy features and the TubeBuddy Menu and grow your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy allows making changes to single or multiple videos simultaneously for the user’s convenience.

On Firefox,

  1. Start by visiting the official TubeBuddy website. Then click on the “Install Free Now” button. Now you will be redirected to the Firefox browser add-ons page.
  2. Simply click on Add to Firefox button and grant permission if asked to allow TubeBuddy on the Firefox browser.
  3. Then follow steps 3, 4, and 5 given above (in the Chrome section) to visit your channel on YouTube, then sign in and allow TubeBuddy to manage and use your channel. Now TubeBuddy is successfully installed in your Firefox browser, and grow your channel with its free tools.

While you will use TubeBuddy for your YouTube channel growth, update and optimize your content.

TubeBuddy Free Plan Vs. Paid Plan

Like many toolkits, TubeBuddy offers both free and paid plans for YouTubers. The free plan comes with limited, whereas paid plan offers a range of additional features. Which plan will suit a particular use depends upon specific needs, goals, and budget.

For channels that are still new, the TubeBuddy free plan can do the job. However, YouTubers who want advanced features, deeper analytics, and more comprehensive tools for the growth of their channel should go for TubeBuddy Paid Plan.

TubeBuddy offers two different Paid Plans for growing YouTubers:


TubeBuddy Pro Plan

  • $4.00/ Month
  • $3.20/ Month (Upon Buying the Annual Plan)

TubeBuddy Legend Plan

  • $28.50/ Month
  • $22.80/ Month (Upon Buying the Annual Plan)

TubeBuddy offers an additional discount when purchasing its annual subscription.

TubeBuddy also offers Enterprise BUNDLE PRICING. It is ideal for brands looking to grow their channels using TubeBuddy.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using TubeBuddy for Growing YouTube Channel


  • It is certified by YouTube
  • It offers both free and paid versions
  • It offers a 30-day trial of the paid version
  • It offers a 50% discount on Pro Plan for channels with less than 1000 subscribers.
  • It is easy to use; almost anyone can benefit from the toolkit.
  • It is known for exceptional A/B testing
  • Impressive and Efficient Bulk Editing


  • The TubeBuddy page is often slow, and users may experience lags.
  • Only one license per channel (A paid subscription is limited to a single YouTube channel)
  • Users may face some Keyword research restrictions.

Is TubeBuddy Safe To Use?

TubeBuddy is YouTube certified and thus 100% safe to use. It is a reputable and widely used tool that doesn’t perform any action without the user’s consent.

Furthermore, since TubeBuddy operates within the YouTube platform, it does not require access to any sensitive information of the user or the YouTube channel.

However, despite how safe and trusted TubeBuddy is, here are some safety practices you must follow while using this toolkit.

  1. Make sure you install TubeBuddy from the official TubeBuddy website. Also, only use reputable browser extensions and avoid unknown or untrusted sources.
  2. While you are installing the TubeBuddy browser extension, make sure you review the permissions it requests. It is important to ensure that the requested permissions align with the functionalities it is offering.
  3. Always maintain a strong and unique password for your TubeBuddy and YouTube accounts.
  4. Practice caution with your personal information, passwords, or financial information while dealing with any such platform.

Is TubeBuddy Worth It?

If you are a YouTuber struggling to reach your target audience and grow your YouTube platform, TubeBuddy is worth it. The TubeBuddy free plan is ideal for YouTubers in their starting phase. Whereas for YouTubers who already have a collection of videos on their channel, the TubeBuddy paid plan is suitable.

Whether TubeBuddy is worth it for you depends on the value you drive from this tool.

Wrapping Up

Overall, TubeBuddy offers a range of powerful tools and features that can greatly assist you in growing your YouTube channel. Both its free and paid versions are worth giving a try before you trust the output.

Both beginner and experienced YouTubers can count TubeBuddy as a valuable asset in maximizing the growth and potential of their YouTube channel. In short, if you are in your journey of YouTube content creation, try TubeBuddy.