It’s no secret that YouTube has video ranking or simply a YouTube Ranking principle. So I looked at the statistics and analyzed the videos that really get to the topmost often, and I can share with you a few SEO promotion tips that will help you get a high rating.

Everything on YouTube is arranged so that the interests of users and channel owners are simultaneously respected.

If you offer content that is really useful and interesting to people and works on the quality of each video, YouTube will promote them to the TOP or add them to the recommended ones.

The more people watch your videos, the higher the chances of breaking into the TOP or YouTube recommendations. Their popularity shows the usefulness of the content and suggests that the video can take higher lines in the rating.

Depth of views

The most important indicator of the level of demand for your video for users on YouTube.

What is it? Viewing Depth is the length of time that viewers spend getting familiar with your content. Ideal for a video – 100% of its length. The closer to this figure the depth of views of your videos is, the better when promoting on YouTube.

Pick the right title and use your keyword

Optimize all text elements with keywords – titles, descriptions, subtitles, and be sure to include the highest-frequency keywords in your tags.

This will make it easier for both on-demand viewers and YouTube to find you, and you can increase your views. In addition, by selecting keywords in advance, you will know which topics are interesting to your target audience for them to shoot videos already.

Before uploading a video to YouTube, its file must be called the most important keyword. As an example, we called it “Buy Youtube views”. Therefore, this is what we call the file.

Continuing the title, we:

  • We enter all the words “what we were looking for with the word”;
  • Choose the most similar;
  • Or we just add any intriguing name that will make you click.

In our case, we used the second option and added another related keyword – “Promote your channel”.

Making a description

On YouTube, you can add a description to the video to make it easier for people to decide whether to watch or not.

We write this description, taking into account the following rules:

  • The text really and interestingly describes what will be in the video;
  • At least 5 sentences;
  • The title of the video is repeated twice in the text, one to one, without declensions – “Buy Youtube views: Promote your channel”;
  • The title of the video with blur is repeated once – “Buy views and promotion”.

Post videos systematically, at the same time, when the largest number of users related to your target audience is online to ensure that they get their attention.

Promote your videos on external sites and social networks by posting links and invitations to the YouTube channel there. The audience who came to the provided links can increase the number of views and the channel’s rating as a whole.

Elements such as video tips and video screensavers can help increase your YouTube channel views. In them, provide links to your other videos on the same topic, emphasizing that the user can learn more about what interests him.

The installed subtitles will well raise your rating and increase the channel views. This way, people who speak other languages ​​and have hearing problems can watch your YouTube videos. It can also be done in places where the sound cannot be turned on or drowned out by the external noise background.

Increase engagement by encouraging users on YouTube not only to watch the next video but also comment. Try to engage viewers in the dialogue, don’t ignore the questions asked. This will increase your channel’s ranking in search results and attract even more users.

Meet the standards for high-quality shooting and clear audio for video.

By applying all of these methods together or using only a few of them at will, you can quickly increase the number and depth of views, as well as increase the time users spend on your YouTube channel.

Considering that any action aimed at attracting viewers is a contribution to your business. Changing the design of the entire channel and each video on YouTube is possible at any time.

When the video is ready and click the publish button, you need to get views in the first 24 hours. The faster the effect, the better.

Important. Views must be live, not spam. YouTube sees everything, so if you cheat, you not only will not get to the top but you may be blocked.

Social activity

To consolidate the results, you need to show YouTube that our video is popular. In addition to views and comments, this can be done through social activity, namely reposts.

But we must not forget that if 1000 reposts appear at once in the first 10 minutes, this will be considered a cheat. Therefore, you need to do everything gradually.

If you do not have your own social networks, where they can help you with such activity, then you can use a special service, where they will do it all for you, and gradually and safely.

Although, of course, there are always performers who do not do what they promise. In this case, ratings and reviews will help you.

Important. Promote your channel and videos with SEO. The TOP method is designed for the long term.

Youtube SEO is more than just rankings

A suggested video is when your video appears next to the video you watch in the right sidebar. So if our video appears next to a very popular one, we will steal some of its views.
The best way to do this is to use the same tags.

When Youtube notices matches in tags with a popular video, it understands that your video is about the same topic. This means it ranks the video as suggested.


If suddenly your video does not make it to the top, then these may be the following reasons:

A difficult keyword or a lot of competition. At such a moment, it is very important not to stop and finish the video by views, by likes, by comment.

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