This is the first thought that comes to mind as soon as you binge-watch your favorite creator’s content on YouTube is “I want to get paid by making YouTube videos!”. And, while this may seem a bit hard to digest, your gut is telling you the truth. Making YouTube videos and earning money is not that hard.

You only need a camera, an excellent idea for your video content, and a powerful video editor to edit the final footage efficiently. However, the real catch is creating content people want to see and engage with. Because if your YouTube videos do not get enough views, you’ll never be able to make the desired revenue.

Make YouTube Videos

So, in this brief guide, we’ll explain some of the best ways to create a successful YouTube channel and make money on YouTube.

1: How to Make Money on YouTube

Now, the most convenient way to make money on YouTube is through AdSense, and probably every YouTuber is familiar with this method when they start the channel. However, for readers who don’t know, Google AdSense is Google’s advertising platform that runs ads on YouTube videos and pays a certain amount every time a viewer sees these ads.

Based on how many ads get run across your videos depends on your final income from Adsense. But it’s also worth understanding that Google Adsense isn’t the only revenue method that can help you make money. Successful YouTubers may not even consider AdSense as their primary income method. Some of the additional revenue models YouTubers use to make money include:

Channel Membership

In addition to AdSense, you can join YouTube’s partnership program and become a partner to unlock several other revenue streams. One such revenue stream includes channel membership. You can ask your viewers to become your premium members to gain access to exclusive content.

These member-only videos are private, and only your channel’s paid members can see them. However, remember that you can only run membership programs when you have at least 30,000 subscribers.

Influencer Marketing/Sponsorship

In recent years, sponsorships and brand integration have become many successful YouTubers’ most preferred revenue models. Brands will automatically reach out to you to promote their products/services if you have enough viewers and a great audience. This gives them the desired exposure from a wider audience, and they can make a decent income easily.

Merchandise Shelf

If you have your merchandise lineup and 10,000 YouTube subscribers, you can quickly sell your products to the viewers via Merchandise shield. With a merchandise shelf, you’ll have the liberty to directly sell your merchandise to potential customers without making it necessary for them to visit your website.

Super Chats

If you’re a live streamer on YouTube, super chats might be your channel’s most reliable revenue model. Your viewers can pay any amount to have their message highlighted in the live chatbox.

2: Create High-Quality Videos With Right Tools

So, that’s how you can make money on YouTube. But remember that these methods will only work if you upload high-quality videos on your channel that attract an audience. Viewership will only increase if people relate to your content and watch the entire video.

So, along with a great video concept, you’ll also need dedicated and influential video editing software to edit the raw footage and compile a visually appealing YouTube video. Wondershare Filmora is free editing software to edit high-quality videos for your YouTube channel.


It follows a timeline-based interface, which means you can navigate through different panels without hassle. Moreover, the intuitive user interface also allows users to crop, cut and split raw clips to create a timeline for the video instantly.

Along with these basic key features, Filmora has many advanced features that allow creators to unleash their creativity and make high-quality YouTube videos. For example, it has a built-in media library – Filmstock – where you can find various video effects, transitions, songs, etc.

Moreover, it allows you to access third-party plug-ins, such as Boris FX and NewBlue FX, which provides professional visual effects for advanced video editing. All these elements are just one click away, and you can integrate them into your videos immediately.

In addition, Filmora allows creators to add speed ramps to their videos by adjusting the playback speed to create custom transitions. If you’re a live streamer, you can further edit your green-screen footage, thanks to Filmora’s green-screen editing feature, and add custom backgrounds. Finally, speech-to-text is another helpful feature that makes Filmora an all-in-one solution for quick audio conversion.

So, if you also want to make quality content for your YouTube channel, install Filmora on your PC or Mac. This remarkable video editing software will help you turn your raw footage into a great storyline.

3: Here are a few tips for the digital marketers

Once your YouTube video is ready, the next step would be to upload it to your channel and monitor its real-time performance. YouTube has its analytics software, known as YouTube Studio, where you can find detailed demographics of your audience and customize the following videos accordingly.

Furthermore, you can learn some tips for improving video performance. For example, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is used for paid advertising. This is done to ensure that your products and services are available on the search engine results pages. You can do a similar thing to ensure your videos always rank at the top of search results on YouTube.

You can check out the following SEM tips for achieving a great degree of performance –

  • Use schema markup for a better prospect. Neil Patel advises focussing on schema markup as a powerful tool for making your search results more clickable.
  • Earn clean and natural links. It may be advisable to remove the links that can be harmful.
  • Make a good combination of PR and SEO.

Sum up

YouTube is probably one of the highly sought-after careers of the 21st century. But, due to the increased competition, becoming a successful YouTuber may not be an easy task.

Along with great video concepts, you’ll also need full-scale video editing software to turn videos into high-quality YouTube episodes. Wondershare Filmora will give you enough editing features to compile visually engaging videos for your channel.

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