The word shadowbanned is sometimes new to a few users. However, it is most common on most online accounts, especially the social media accounts like Tiktok and Instagram. As the word implies, it is a hidden or silent account ban imposed on your social media accounts like Tiktok or Instagram.

In this article, we look at what is shadowbanned on TikTok and how to know if you’re shadowbanned on TikTok. Shadowbanned TikTok accounts are increasing these days, and, by any chance, if your Tiktok account is also shadowbanned, you are not the only one experiencing the issue. So let’s see them in detail.

what is shadowbanned on TikTok or simply a shadowbanned TikTok Account

As mentioned before, shadowbanned Tiktok accounts are restricted or banned temporarily without any warning or notification. Once a Tiktok account gets shadowbanned, a temporary restriction will be put on the account that prevents the user from posting new videos, reducing page traffic, views, etc.

Tiktok is one of the biggest social media platforms that is used by a large number of people all over the world. Since many people are using it, the terms and policy and the usage rules are more strict. If any account is found to be violating the Tiktok policy will get banned for some period. In most cases, the Tiktok shadow ban happens due to the exceeded number of video posts in a day or too frequent user flagging on the video or the account. If your account got shadowbanned on TikTok, you wouldn’t get any views, traffic, etc., on your videos and posts.

Different types of Shadowbanned Tiktok Accounts

Based on the terms and the nature of violations, Tiktok used to impose multiple types of shadow ban on Tiktok accounts and TikTok shadowban as follows.

  • First and the basic shadowbanned Tiktok accounts get a temporary 24 hrs to 30 days ban due to the exceeded number of video posts in a short period or the user being flagged as inappropriate.
  • If the Tiktok account got flagged as spammy, it might get a more extended account ban that can stay for a few weeks.
  • The third extreme case is the permanent TikTok account ban that cannot be removed. If a Tiktok account got a permanent ban, that account might not recover.

how to know if you’re shadowbanned on TikTok

If any Tiktok account got shadowbanned, then you can find it easily. The important restriction is the video upload limit. Shadowbanned Tiktok account is limited to video upload, and any new video cannot be uploaded during the banned period.

The next factor is the traffic and the visibility. If the TikTok account is shadowbanned, that account will not get any new traffic and views. In some cases, you can see the followers count also gets lowered. If you check the analytics for each TikTok video, you may find a significant drop in the traffic metrics compared with the previous day’s statistics.

How an account got shadowbanned on Tiktok

There are multiple reasons behind the shadow ban process, and it may vary based on time. Each day, social media platforms implement new terms and policies and if they find an account is violating them, get an account ban. Some of the common reasons for a shadowbanned TikTok account are as follows.

  • Exceeded the maximum number of video posting per day. Usually, Tiktok is not restricting the number of the video posted. However, as a fair usage policy, it counts a maximum of 9 videos per day. If a TikTok account is posting more than the limit in a few consecutive days, a shadowban will be imposed on the Tiktok account.
  • If a user is flagged for inappropriate videos continuously, the account gets banned.
  • If an account exploits minors, then a shadowban will be imposed.
  • If the Tiktok policy is violated, a temporary or permanent ban will be implemented.
  • A shadow ban will also be applicable if the contents do not follow the Tiktok community guidelines.
  • A temporary or permanent shadow ban will also be imposed if they detect that you are using any bot or third-party software to gain fake likes and views.

How to recover a shadowbanned Tiktok account

If your Tiktok account is shadowbanned, the first step is to identify the reasons for the ban. If any video is causing the issue, you must delete the video and not post such content in the future. Once the video is removed, you should wait or few weeks to lift the TikTok account ban.

Also, check with the community guidelines if you think your account is not as per the guidelines; immediately identify them and try to keep track as per the guidelines. Once fixed, your account will get removed from the banned list within a few days.

If you see your account still in the shadowbanned stage, you need to contact the TikTok team via email, and they will let you know what to do and how you can recover from the TikTok shadow ban.


Since every social media platform is trying to strengthen their platform with security and added privacy options, they used to update the terms, guidelines, and policies frequently. So constantly aware of the community guidelines and applicable rules. So ensure that your account is still following all of them to keep your account away from these shadowban and blocking.