Brand promotions nowadays are leveraging the far stretched reach of social media video marketing. If you wish to promote your business or brand digitally, the best way is to use social media video ads with a mix-up approach.

There are different ways to use social media videos. Some include product demonstrations, product features, posts with live footage at special events, and tutorials.


Curious to know the best method for using brand promotion via videos? Here it is:

Incorporate Your Brand into A Conversation with Others

You don’t have to be the one starting the conversation, but you should be participating in discussions already happening in your area.

Having a product or service that is unique in some way will help to make sure that people are talking about it, even if they’re talking about the fact that it’s unique.

Use Live Footage Whenever Possible

According to a new study, around 92 percent of marketers incorporate videos as a part of their marketing strategy.

Every time you have something special going on at your business, whether it’s an event, a holiday, or maybe even if it’s just an ordinary day where people are having fun, take advantage of that opportunity to post live footage.

You can put your logo on the video, but don’t force it if the conversation feels natural without it.

Show Off Your Product Features

Are you selling anything? If so, then you can highlight the features of your item in a social media video.

The more intriguing it is, the better. People like to see new products and brands, but they also want to know what separates these products from others on the market.

A good video should demonstrate precisely why people need your product while still highlighting all of its features.

How-To Videos Are Another Great Option

Every time you have a new product, there’s probably at least one type of how-to video that can go along with it. People can follow your directions to learn how to put together whatever it is they’ve just purchased from you, or they might even be able to figure out how to use your product on their own.

Post Tutorials

Suppose you have something very unique about your business. In that case, you may want to consider making tutorials for it so that other people can follow along and learn how to use whatever product or service you offer.

Consider Product Demonstrations

If your product or service can be displayed readily, it may be worth trying out a video demonstration to see if that helps boost sales.

Product demonstrations are good for giving people an idea of what you’re offering, but it’s hard to explain how something works in words alone. People will appreciate being able to see it in action.

Post About Special Events Related to Your Brand

Whether you are holding a contest or hosting an event, this is a great way to bring more customers into your business.

You can even turn these events into tutorials and show people how they need to participate or what they should look out for to be involved.

Post About Milestones

Posting about milestones is one of the best ways to use social media videos. It shows people that you’re doing well and that your business is growing.

They’ll appreciate the celebration, even if it’s for something minor like having another successful day at work or getting a new shipment of whatever it is that you sell.