Businesses – large and small – are now taking advantage of the benefits of using chatbots. If you want to communicate with potential customers, using chatbots can be a convenient and efficient way to do that. They can answer customer queries all day in a week, ramping up the customer experience.

Since chatbots are now widely used, there are now a lot of frameworks that you can use for chatbot development. This trend offers broader options for developers, but it also makes the choice a difficult one.

What are the best chatbot development frameworks right now? For a little help, here are the eight best frameworks for creating smart and highly efficient chatbots.

Amazon Lex

This bot development framework by Amazon enables you to create and integrate conversational interfaces into any app using voice and text. Natural language understanding and automated speech recognition are the primary technologies utilized by Amazon Lex to build interactive chatbots.

The chatbots developed using this framework can engage and interact with customers in a human-like way. This is due to the chatbot’s ability to identify and understand the intent of the customer’s message.

You can integrate the chatbots developed by Amazon Lex in messaging platforms, such as Twilio SMS, Facebook Messenger, Slack, and Kik. There are also software development kits for creating chatbots for Android and iOS mobile apps.

Microsoft Bot Framework

This chatbot development framework has an integrated control system that allows you to build, test, publish, and manage chatbots in one place. It also comes with channel connectors that enable bot developers to link chatbots to various messaging platforms, and it has SDKs for incorporating business logic into interactions.

Microsoft Bot Framework also includes built-in options, tech support, multiple computer languages, and speech-to-text features using machine learning. You can integrate the chatbots built with this framework to messaging platforms like Skype, Slack, Microsoft Team, Cortana, Facebook, etc. is a free chatbot development framework owned by Facebook. Since it’s free to use, the platform is popular with many developers all over the world. This framework enables you to build intelligent chatbots that are capable of human-like interaction with your clients and customers. also comes with SDKs for Ruby, Python, and Node.js. Plus, it supports over 80 languages. Another great thing about this bot development framework is that it has an NLP engine that interprets text for better customer engagement. You can link chatbots to Facebook Messenger with no hassle, as well as other messaging platforms.

IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant is an excellent bot development framework for building banking, retail, and voice-enabled Android chatbot. It has pre-built content for e-commerce, banking, and customer service, which makes it the go-to choice for businesses. The platform also takes advantage of machine learning to address customer queries efficiently.

This bot development framework has an advanced ML engine, automated predictive analysis, Watson GUI, language support (13 languages), and an integrated translator. It can also decipher negative and positive sentiments using a tone analyzer.

Chatbots developed using IBM Watson can work with Intercom, Slack, WordPress, and Facebook Messenger.


ChatterBot is another popular platform that can train chatbots to interpret any preferred language. Chatbots built with this framework work by setting up a Python library.

Initially, the bots come with zero knowledge on how to address customer queries. However, with the accumulation of more inputs, the response to human queries becomes more accurate since the data are interpreted through machine learning.

Basically, chatbots are trained to pick the closest possible response by going through the available data in the Python library. As time goes by, they learn how to interact with humans effectively, thanks to the compilation of conversations available and advanced ML engine.

Google Cloud Dialogflow

If you want to develop voice applications and advanced chatbots, Google Cloud Dialogflow is your go-to platform. It’s among the most popular frameworks for building actions for more than 400 million Google Assistant devices. It has the capability to analyze different types of inputs such as audio and text.

Google Cloud Dialogflow comes with natural language processing that supports more than 20 languages. In this way, developers can easily train chatbots to interpret the nuances of human conversations. This bot development framework can be integrated with messaging apps like, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Line Kik, Skype, Slack, Telegram, and more.

Rasa Stack

Rasa Stack is a free-to-use bot development framework for developers who want to build contextual-based chatbots and AI assistants. This platform has two main modules: the Rasa Core and Rasa NLU. The first one is meant for developing conversation bots, while the second one comes with a natural language processing engine.

With the use of machine learning capabilities, Rasa Stack can train chatbots to have conversations with humans intelligently. Aside from managing contextual conversations, this platform can also identify intent and build customized bot models.

Rasa Stack is a development framework popular with developers in the healthcare, sports, banking, and human resource industries. You can integrate it with Slack, Twilio, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. If you want to ask queries using your smartphone, make sure that you have sufficient mobile recharge for that purpose.


Like Rasa Stack, Botpress is also a free chatbot development platform. One of the most notable features of this framework is its smooth and easy-to-use user interface that enables non-technical users to manage bots once they’re deployed.

It also comes with advanced stuff, such as the Dialog Manager and Flow Builder, which allows developers to create smart bots and debug conversational flaws. You can also develop custom chatbots by integrating third-party application programming interfaces (APIs). Bots developed with Botpress can be used on Slack, Telegram, Skype, Twilio, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat.


If you’re a chatbot developer, you need to have a highly efficient bot development platform for your work. The platforms mentioned on this list are the best that you can find today. Take note of Botpress, Amazon Lex, Rasa Stack, Microsoft Bot Framework,, Chatterbot, IBM Watson Assistant, and Google Cloud Dialogflow if you want to build chatbots.