How to Check Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

Like what we see in WhatsApp, we ever thought ok knowing who viewed the Facebook profile? Many people ask how to see who viewed my Facebook profile like the WhatsApp status view option.

Since Facebook and WhatsApp are the same company-owned platform, users think the same feature will be available on Facebook. But unfortunately, that was not the case. Like we see who viewed the Whatsapp status, we can’t find who viewed the Facebook profile.

We will check them in detail, including, is there any way to find Who viewed your Facebook profile, the workaround available to see the Facebook profile viewers list, etc.

How to See Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Officially, there is no way to check who viewed the Facebook Profile. Due to privacy concerns, Facebook is not offering such a feature until now to see the list of users who viewed the Facebook Profile.

However, some workaround and some browser extensions were available to overcome this limitation, thus providing an option to view who viewed the Facebook profile. But the most unfortunate part is that, with an update released in 2020, Facebook blocked all those unauthorized and unofficial tools from accessing that option.

So, in short, as of March 2022, there is no working way available to check who viewed the Facebook profile. On the other side, if you check the Facebook profile view option on the internet, you can find several tools and extensions claiming to provide such options. But the fact is that none of them will work properly.

Workaround Available to Fine Who Viewed the Facebook Profile

Even though the official Facebook app and the website were not offering any formal way to track the profile viewing statistics on Facebook, there was a workaround available to see who viewed the profile. It was done from the web browser. For that, the following steps were followed.

Note: The below steps were the working trick that was available till 2020, and after a security update from Facebook, currently it was not working. So the below-mentioned steps are listed for informational purposes only.

Step 1: Log in to the Facebook account via a web browser.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the right top corner to access your profile page.

Step 3: Right-click on the mouse and click on the View Page Source option from the popup window.

Step 4: Next, you will see the page’s source code, an HTML tag.

Step 5: Click on CTRL+F on your keyboard if you are on a Windows PC and CMD+F for Mac to perform a search on that source page.

Step 6: Then copy and paste the keyword Initialchatfriendslist in the search box and hit enter.

Step 7: Now, you will see several profiles ids one after another after the keyword on the source page.

Step 8: Copy each id one by one and paste it in the browser after in the following pattern.

Where xxxxxxxxx is the id, you copied. Once pasted it in the address bar, hit enter.

Step 9: Now, you will see the user’s profile who visited or viewed your profile.

Step 10: Copy and paste other ids in the same pattern to see other profiles.

Why the Facebook profile View workaround is not working now?

Due to privacy and other security issues, Facebook updated the script and blocked all the third-party tools and extensions, accessing details unofficially. It also updated the source code, and hence the trick mentioned above also stopped working with the 2020 update.

Is there any alternative way to access the Facebook Profile View Statistics?

Currently, no working solution is available, and you won’t find any alternative. However, you can find several tools and apps that offer the services. But unfortunately, none of them will work.

Does iPhone App For Facebook have the Who Viewed My Profile option?

It was also seen that several people said that Facebook App for iPhone has an option called Who Viewed My Profile, in which one can see all the list of users who viewed their profile.

However, in reality, the Facebook App for iPhone doesn’t have such an option and is not allowing users to see Facebook profile view statistics. In fact, there is no option called Who Viewed My Profile option in the iPhone app.


In short, there is no working method available if your question is, who viewed my profile. Even though there are some working tricks in the past, currently, there is no such option available. So always keep the same in mind while you see any tool or extension that claims to offer the Facebook profile view statistics option.

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