WhatsApp is now used as the primary mode of communication worldwide. From normal usage to business-level use, WhatsApp is used as the medium for almost all types of communications. However, those who love the Apple ecosystem, especially apple users in the United States, use iMessage as the primary communication medium. On the other hand, we can see they too still use WhatsApp since not all their friends and family use iMessages. If they want to communicate with someone using Android, WhatsApp is how.

Since WhatsApp is so popular, WhatsApp status is also considered the best option for announcements. WhatsApp users use the WhatsApp status as a medium to inform friends and family about any event or to share some information, etc. For the past few years, we can see that even the WhatsApp feature was available without any issues, people worldwide are still experiencing issues with WhatsApp status.


Most of our readers are still asking us why the WhatsApp status is not working. We already covered why the WhatsApp status is not shown to others in detail in one of the previous articles. However, we are looking for reasons that might cause the issue.

WhatsApp Status Privacy

WhatsApp status privacy might be the primary reason for WhatsApp status being shown to you. This is not an issue, but a feature implemented to safeguard users’ privacy.

If you are not seeing the status of one of your friends, as per the privacy settings feature, the following are the reasons. Here we are considering that you are facing the issue with a particular user, and we are going to check the case concerning you and that specific user.

That person has enabled the privacy settings for WhatsApp status and might have set the option to show WhatApp status to My Contact only. And on the other hand, your phone number might not be saved in their Contact.

Your phone number is already saved in their contact, but in the privacy option, they might have the option to show WhatsApp status to My Contact expect.. and they added your number to the excluded list.

A third reason might be with our settings. You might have excluded the user from your privacy settings. So first, make sure that you haven’t excluded that user from your WhatApp status privacy settings.

You can check the WhatsApp privacy option on your phone to know that. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone or the Android device and head over to the Status section.

From the status section, go to the Status privacy section.

On Android, you can click on the 3 dots at the top right of the screen (from the status section) and select the Status Privacy option.

On iOS, tap on the Privacy option shown on the top left of the Status Screen.

Make sure that your Status is set for My Contacts within the privacy option. If the option is selected for My contacts except…, check whether that particular user is not listed in that. If you exclude those users, your status will not be shown to them. Also, their status won’t be visible to you either.

If you set the status privacy to Only share with… in this case, your status will be visible to the custom list of people you have created. If that particular user is not on the list, you and that user won’t see each other’s status.

WhatsApp Privacy Settings are correct, but still Status on my friend is not visible

Suppose the Privacy settings are correct, but you are still not seeing your friend’s status. In that case, we can check whether the issue is due to the privacy option or some other glitch, then first verify that you cannot see your friend’s status and, on the other hand, that is viewing your status without any issue.

If that is the case, the issue might not be with the status privacy, and you need to troubleshoot with other steps.

Refresh the Contact List

One of the troubleshooting methods is to refresh the contact list. If there is an issue with the contact syncing, you can restore your contacts so that the status not showing issue can be resolved.

If you are an Android user, you can refresh the WhatsApp contact list by clicking on the New Chat icon at the bottom right corner of the WhatsApp screen. Now you will see all the WhatsApp contact. Next, tap on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Next, you need to tap on the Refresh option from the list, and the WhatsApp contact will be refreshed. Unfortunately, you won’t refresh the WhatsApp contact on iPhone.

Remove and Add the Contact Account

If you are using an Android phone and your phone contacts are synced with Google Account. Try to remove and add the google account again. This will help adequately sync all your contacts again and fix the issue.

If you are using an iPhone, most probably, your contacts are synced with iCloud or, in some cases, with a google account. Try to remove the iCloud or Google Account from the iPhone and add them to sync the contact again.

Remove 3rd Party Apps

If you are using any third-party app that accesses your Contacts, try to remove them if you are not using them frequently. Some third-party apps can create issues with your contact app, resulting in problems like contact mixup, contact disappears, etc. So try to remove unwanted apps from your phone to fix issues related to contacts.

Reinstall the WhatsApp

If none of the above fixes work for you, the best option is to uninstall and install WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone. However, before reinstalling WhatsApp, make sure to take the backup of your WhatsApp chat so that you won’t miss any previous conversation after installing WhatsApp again.