4 Best Tools to Remove Plagiarism from Thesis Report

There are some regulations of writing content that have to be followed whether you are working on a college assignment or a professional corporate report. The content is written to be original and free of plagiarism. You cannot copy content that another writer has written.

In other words, when content is being compiled from different online resources, rephrasing is necessary. Secondly, it is necessary to use a plagiarism checker if you do not submit plagiarized content. It is applicable for writing essays too. Here you can use any essay similarity checker.

Best Tools to Remove plagiarism

Copyscape is one of the recommended tools for checking plagiarism, but it is not the only good tool you can look at. There are various other free plagiarism checker available which students can consider. The three best alternatives for Copyscape are mentioned below.

1. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker

The Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker is a very effective tool by all means. It is used by various people, including students studying in colleges and universities.

When you acquire a college degree or study for a professional university qualification, submitting assignments would be an ongoing process for you. Apart from carrying out research work to collect relevant material, students have to check their assignments for plagiarism. Submitting without checking is nothing but taking the risk of the assignment being rejected.

  • This plagiarism checker works in a better manner than other alternate tools. Its pace is one of the many benefits. It is hard for students to wait for long hours until the content has been checked completely. If you are using this plagiarism checker, there is no need to check anything after completing the scanning process. This tool shows a complete picture of the written content, and if any parts are plagiarized, it will highlight them clearly.
  • No charges are applied irrespective of how long users use this tool. This tool is free and can be added as a widget to a website. Is the tool up to the mark in terms of performance? The answer to this question is no. Although the tool is free, the usage and interface is much better than various paid tools.
  • Checking an assignment manually for plagiarism is a very tiring process. Consider that you have to write an assignment of 4000 words on digital marketing principles. First of all, you have to access different sources so that it can collect sufficient material. After that, you have to compile all the related points and then rephrase the content. Before submitting the assignment, perform an end-to-end plagiarism check through this quality plagiarism checker.

2. Plag Tracker

Only a few tools have the opinion of uploading the text directly or in document form. Plag Tracker is one of the few tools that offer this feature. Here are some other key points it has.

  • This tool is used online, which is a major advantage for users. For using Plag Tracker, no additional installations are needed from the user.
  • How dependable is a particular plagiarism checker? This is a very important question for users seeking one of these tools. Even if one plagiarism occurrence is being skipped, it simply means that the entire assignment is copied. Thus, students should be sure that they are using the correct tool for checking plagiarism. you should select a completely dependable tool for this purpose.
  • Plag Tracker is a dependable online tool that we can use online to detect and remove plagiarism. Is this tool effective enough to be given preference over the other alternatives available? The answer to this question is yes. It is a productive tool that highlights all the problems present in a piece of written content. In an overall manner, Plag Tracker is a quality tool to look at.

3. PlagScan

PlagScan is an online tool, so the user does not have to install a list of base applications before using it. It identifies all the portions of the assignment which have plagiarized content. Assignments are usually lengthy, and it is not easy to find each trace of copied content if a quality tool is not being used.

  • PlagScan saves time for students because they do not have to recheck the content for errors after being scanned through the tool. Students can be sure that no part of the content has been skipped. This plagiarism checking tool is used by standard users, students, and professionals working in the corporate industry.
  • Nothing has to be installed by users who are using PlagScan. It is an online tool that we can use from any relevant device. PlagScan is a fast tool, and piles of content are checked within no time. This the reason why this tool is highly recommended for students who have to get detailed assignments checked. Irrespective of how lengthy the assignments are, PlagScan completes the content checking process in a quick manner.

4. Research Guide Plagiarism Checker

There was a time when free online plagiarism checker for students wasn’t really available for anyone, and students had many issues with their papers and grades.

However, now, ResearchGuide has provided us with an amazing online originality checker tool. It is very credible and confidential, but the best part is that it is absolutely free. Appropriation cases are not rare and are considered a serious mistake and fraud in a scholarly world, so it is necessary to be sure of one’s work originality before actually submitting it.

Plagiarism is not always voluntary, and it can also be accidental, so no one is actually safe from it. This tool is fast and simple yet very effective and trustworthy. There is a box where one can type in, copy-paste the text, or upload the file.

Depending on the file’s size, the check takes several minutes and provides an amazing report. The report features the overall proportion of unoriginal content in the text and the list of similar sources. After getting this report, one can edit some questionable sentences and be happy with the completely original paper.


Plagiarism is not a small-scaled problem by any means. In the case of assignments and other related submissions, it has a lot of importance. If you are a student, you need to ensure that an academic submission is checked for plagiarism before it is presented for grading purposes. Using a quality tool for plagiarism checking is the most suitable alternative to accomplish this task.

It is important to use the correct selection parameters when you are finalizing plagiarism checking application. What is the reputation of the tool? What do people have to say about it? What are the best free plagiarism detection applications? These are some of the many important questions which students and other users should think about.

A lot of plagiarism detection applications seem free but users figure out the reality after they start using it. They have to purchase the paid version after the trial version has expired. This is something that most users do not check when they are looking at different options of plagiarism detection tools.

A good practice is checking the rank of a tool before you accept or reject it. If most people have not given positive opinions about the tool, you should look at other options.

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