How Can a VPN Ensure Maximum Cybersecurity?

Most of us know that a Virtual Private Network masks a user’s IP Address and unblocks censored content. But there is more a VPN can do. It can provide you with network-level security and help you achieve all of the cybersecurity resolutions you have set for 2021! Here’s how it takes care of your digital security and privacy:

End-to-end Encryption

The best VPNs are established on 256-bit AES technology. This is the highest military-grade encryption level and can hide a user’s online behavior from internet service providers, attackers, and government agencies.

When you browse the internet with a VPN running in the background, you don’t expose your IP Address to your broadband carrier. As a result, your ISP only knows that ‘someone’ is online; he can not view your activities and can’t access the information you exchange online.

Protection against Evil Twin Attacks

Evil Twin Attack is an emerging cyber threat in which attackers set dummy access points. When internet users scan for public Wi-Fi devices, they consider these access points as network hotspots, connect without verifying and mistakenly hand over their sensitive information to attackers who have established the false connections.

We always recommend getting a trusted VPN service before accessing any public Wi-Fi hotspots, whether you are availing of one in your local library or the coffee shop.

Prevention from Identity Theft

If you have not configured your VPN details on the router, there are high chances of intruders and online trackers spoofing your online behavior. They use these patterns of your online activity to create unique digital fingerprints and then impersonate ‘you’ to advance several illegal and unethical activities on the internet.

They can fund serious terrorist activities or cyberbully certain ethnic groups while using your digital identity. When you use a VPN, they can’t decrypt or view your online traffic. Hence they can’t identify what you do online. This VPN protection hides overall internet movements and ultimately controls identity thefts.

Safe Torrenting and Gaming

If you are based in a location with strict censorship, you know the importance of torrenting websites and online gaming platforms. Seeders and leechers can view your IP address when exchanging large data files via torrent clients. So in a way, they also know who is uploading and downloading content and where a particular user is based.

For multi-player gaming, VPN is now becoming popular. This is because VPN helps increase the security and protect the gamers from DDoS attacks from the opponents if anything happens. So, it is important to have the best VPN for gaming, especially in multiplayer games and other online games.

What if an attacker disguised as a seeder or leecher steals your IP address and hacks your device? You surely don’t want your great torrenting experience to become a nightmare. A reliable VPN service that offers multiple IP addresses can save you from the hassle and unblock popular geo-restricted content from any part of the world.

Safe Digital Banking

Most cyber attackers participate in criminal activities for money. They introduce ransomware and hack people’s devices only because they want to fund their illegal activities. Accessing digital banking platforms, like your online banking website or Paypal portal without a VPN, is like dishing out your user ID and password to muggers so they can withdraw and use money the way they want.

This is especially true if you are using public Wi-Fi because such can be penetrated, and your account credentials can be sniffed in seconds. It is, therefore, advised to only log in to your online banking accounts after connecting to a VPN, like iProVPN, which guarantees safe banking.

Want to buy VPN online?

These are the industry standards for the best VPN service:

  • It should have fast servers for multiple locations.
  • It should be located in a safe jurisdiction, where it is not legally bound to log and submit user data.
  • All subscription plans should include important features like split tunneling and internet kill switches to protect and secure overall online traffic.
  • A VPN should inherently provide unlimited bandwidth and access to geo-restricted content.
  • It should be compatible with all major platforms and allow simultaneous connections on at least 8 devices.
  • VPN services should not store and sell user data. Reliable service providers mention this information and clauses related to data handling in the user privacy policy and terms and services.

When you buy a VPN online, do it with complete peace of mind. You should have full confidence in your respective VPN service’s ability to protect you online because it is made for the same purpose. So connect to a VPN today and reclaim your online freedom!

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