Android 6.0 Marshmallow was one of the good versions of Android, and it comes with lots of features. But there are some issues in the new version, and it was due to the vendor customization. There are some functionality and customization which is difficult for regular users to handle.

One of that issue is Call Settings Option. Previously, the Call settings option was available in the setting section itself, but now it is removed and integrated with the Call Log section. The new modification was a big problem for most of the users.

Most users are searching for the Call Settings option to set up Call Waiting and Call Forward option, but it’s difficult to find it normally since the new Android 6.0 comes with lots of features too. Now i will explain how to access the Call Settings option in your Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

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Step 1: Go to your Call logs section/Dialer section. Click on the Setting button on the top (3 dots at top).


Step 2: Then, a ‘Call Setting’ option will come. Click on that.


Step 3: In the next window, click on ‘Call Settings.’


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Step 4: In the next screen, click on ‘Voice Call.’


Step 5: In the next window, you can see the SIM Option if you have a dual SIM phone. Click on the desired SIM.

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Step 6: Now, you can see the Voice Call Settings section, where you can set call forwarding, call waiting, etc., like the older version.


Where is the call settings on android smartphone?

Even though the above steps are based on the old version of the Android phone, the settings option can be found something similar on all the phones, whether it is Android 9 Pie, Android 10, or even the latest Android 11. However, it is also to be noted that each smartphone manufacturer customizes each phone application based on their preference. Hence, the option can be a bit different for each device.

The general way to find the call setting is by clicking on the phone app on your mobile. Then click on the setting (3 dots at the top right corner). From the option, click on Settings. You can find all the options under the call settings in the next window, including Calling Account management, Call recording (if available), etc.

Click on the Calling account to manage the settings preferred to each SIM on your phone. Select the SIM as per choice, and you can find additional settings such as WiFi Calling, Video Calling option, Call Forwarding, Call barring, etc.

If you are using Google Phone as the default Phone app, the settings will be the same. But as said before, due to the customization by the manufacturer, some options might be disabled.

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