From the beginning, when the feature phone was out there, the call forwarding feature was available, and many people used to forward the calls on their mobile to other numbers. This feature was useful in so many cases. In the normal feature phone, the setup to do the forwarding was also an easy task since the Call Forward option was there under the Call Settings which is directly available in the Settings.

But, when Android mobiles came, even though the feature was there, it wasn’t easy to find out the option because it is not directly available under the Settings. Since the Android OS is open-source software, each mobile phone manufacturer customize the software in their phone since the layout of every section in the mobile will be bit different even though the functionality and features are the same.

Apart from the call forwarding feature, Android mobile offers call waiting, call waiting, call recording, etc. In the case of finding the misplaced handset, you can find it using Google Findmydevice or even more effectively using the service offered by callmyphone website too.

Today, I will show how we can access and set call forwarding on Android smartphones.

Step 1: Click on your Call logs/Dialer Icon in the call log section. Click on the Setting button on the top (3 dots at top).

call forward step 1

Step 2: Now, you can see a Call Settings Option, click on that.

call forward step 2

Step 3: In the next window, you will get the call option page; from there, click on Call settings.

call forward step 3

Step 4: Next page is the call settings page and from there, click on the Voice Call option

call forward step 4

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Step 5: On the next page, you will get an option to select the SIM card. This option is applicable if you have 2 SIMs on your mobile. Select your SIM card on which you want to set the call forwarding functionality.

call forward step 5

Step 6: In the next, Voice Call Settings Page, click on Call Forwarding

call forward step 6

Step 7: On the next page, you will get four options. Select the one you want.

call forward step 7

Step 8: In the next window, provide the number where your calls are being forwarded to and click enable.

call forward step 8

Done!, Now it will redirect your calls to the provided phone number as per the option you selected.

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The following are the four options available.

1 Always Forward

If you select this option, the device will always forward all the calls to your number to the provided number.

2. Forward when the line is busy

If you set this option while you are busy with other calls, then calls to your number will be forwarded to the provided number.

3. Forward when not answered

If you set this option, calls will be forwarded to the provided number if you have not answered the call after the ring.

4. Forward when unable to connect

If you set this option, calls will be forwarded to the provided number when there is an issue connecting your number, like you are out of coverage or even switched off, etc.

Please note, as I mentioned earlier, each android mobile has a different layout and design as per the mobile manufacturer, so the option shown in the above screenshot may vary slightly based on your mobile. The screenshot was taken using Lenovo Vibe Shot running on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

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