Jio SIM is used most of the mobile phone users all over India, and the most common problem faced by most of the people is the voice call issue. Many people are saying that voice call is not working on their mobile, but the data is working fine. Even if the handset is 4G LTE, the voice call was not working.

The issue is not from Jio’s end. It is because of the incompatibility of the handset with the Jio network. Which means, the normal 4G LTE mobiles can be used for Jio SIM in which, data will work as normal, but voice call will not work normally, here you need to install Jio 4G Voice application on the mobile to make, receive call and SMS.

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Jio is using the pure 4G LTE network for both voice and data, whereas the other mobile networks use 4G, 3G, and 2G network together, and voice call is done through the legacy 2G bands itself. Hence you will not find any difficulty in the connectivity. Here, while using data, it will use the 4G network, and while making the call, it will automatically connect to the 2G band and back to 4G soon after the call terminates.

But in the case of Jio, it is entirely different, Jio is purely 4G based, and there is no 2G and 3G bands for Jio. Here for both voice and data, Jio is using the 4G band itself. Technology, where Voice call made through the 4G network, is known as VoLTE (Voice Over LTE), and Jio is using VoLTE for its service. At the time Jio came to market, VoLTE technology was new to everyone, and most of the handsets available in the market were not having that technology in it.

It is the main reason where most of the 4G handsets cannot be used for voice calls and SMS using Jio SIM. To overcome that, Jio itself came with the mobile application called Jio 4G Voice which makes the normal 4G handsets to make and receive calls. But, for using Jio 4G Voice, all the calls and SMS are routed using the mobile data. If you are using a VoLTE handset, it will not use data for call and SMS.

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Currently, most of the 4G handsets available in the Indian Market are VoLTE supported and can be used for Jio SIM. However, most handset purchased outside India is still are not fully compatible with the Jio SIM card. So if you are planning to use your new mobile with Jio SIM, make sure the handset supports the latest 4G bands used by Jio in it.

How to check a handset compatible for Jio SIM

The easiest way to check the comparability is using GSMArena website.

  • Step 1: Go to the website and search for your specified model.
  • Step 2: In the specification area, find the 4G bands section.
  • Step 3: Find the available bands, if the handset having B3(1800), B5(850), B40(2300) bands, then it is compatable with Jio network.

Huawei nov 2 jio bands min

4G Bands used by Jio

  • B3 (1800)
  • B5 (850)
  • B40 (2300)

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